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The best Trailer Tool Box or Trailer Tongue Box for your Truck

Many different benefits can be reaped from a trailer tongue tool box. People can enjoy extra storage space along with a long list of other perks. These items are a real investment because they are versatile and built to last the test of time. Trailer tongue tool boxes are great for storing tools and other important items. They are used on a daily basis by numerous people across the nation and across the globe. Your entire family or work crew can all benefit greatly by your trailer tongue box for tools. A trailer tool box is an item that people will definitely get a lot of use from. There truly has never been a better time to purchase one of these items for your very own. They can be made from a wide array of different materials. With all of the numerous customization options, finding the right trailer tongue box to suit your needs and budget won’t be as challenging as one might think.

The Best Trailer Tool Box

trailer tool box

There is a huge inventory of trailer tongue tool boxes. On the other hand, not all trailer tool boxes are created equally. Many brands are better than others. Plenty of boxes for trailer tongues are on the market to purchase, but some models are better than others. Three models stand out among the crowd as top choices when it comes to a trailer tool box purchase. The Better Built Trailer Tongue Tool Box, Black, the UWS TBV-34-LP 34″ Low Profile Trailer Box with Beveled Insulated Lid, and the Lund/Tradesman 16-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box, Diamond Plated, Black are some of the top models when it comes to tongue trailer tool boxes. Each model offers a unique list of features that are some of the most sought after works that shoppers are looking for.

There are tons of different features that people look for when attempting to buy a trailer tongue box. A number of different factors should be considered before making this extremely important purchase. Color, functionality, practicability, and size are all important things to consider. Other important factors to keep in mind when purchasing a tool box tongue trailer is price, durability, and whether or not the product comes with a warranty or money back guarantee. Practicing smart shopping is the best possible way to get a great tool box without overpaying. Compare and contrast the three most popular models in order to get an idea of how exciting the features really are. Shop around in many different places both online and in local stores to find the lowest price on the highest quality trailer tool boxes with tongues.

Buyers Trailer Tongue Aluminum Tool Box

The trailer tongue tool box from Better Built is one of the top choices when it comes to these items. It is fantastic for storing wheel chocks, tie downs, and other items that people need for towing and other activities. The sleek black color has an eye catching appeal that is stylish and modern. It is a nearly perfection addition to any trailer no matter what make, model, or year. Its versatility makes it an ideal model that has great all around reviews across the board.


Features, Delights and Perks

It is made with top quality aluminum which means that it will never under any circumstances begin to rust. This is one of the main reasons why this model is so popular. That and the fact that it fits just about any trailer. These perks are just the beginning of what this amazing model has to offer. Its model number is 66100148. It is just sixteen and a half inches wide and twelve inches in height. It thirty nine inches in depth. It is easy to open with a single hand because it has a shock that is automatically lifted. The trailer tongue box has plenty of storage for small parts that can be secured with the locking padded latch.

This is one trailer box tongue that everyone should own. It adds style to any trailer and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors. It has excessive amounts of storage that make it a great item for busy people on the go. For professional or private use, this product is definitely a prime choice. It is affordable and has high reviews from people whom have actually purchased and used the product. It can be purchased in both local stores and online. It costs less than one hundred fifty dollars which only adds to its appeal. Not many other high quality tool boxes can compare to this extremely outstanding model.

Product Specifications

The specifications of this model are listed below. This information is important to have picking out a trailer tool box. Being educated about the specifications and features of the trailer tongue box can help consumers make an informative choice.

  • Depth – Thirty nine inches
  • Height – Twelve inches
  • Width – Sixteen and a half inches
  • One compartment
  • Weighs about eighteen pounds
  • Contains one latch to secure items
  • Returnable ninety day money back guarantee
  • Single lid
  • Made from aluminum
  • Product warranty guarantee last for one year from the manufacturer

Pros of this Trailer Tongue Box

  • The product is lightweight, but still heavy duty enough for even the toughest of tasks.
  • It is compatible with many different kinds of trailers.
  • It is versatile, sleek, and has a beautiful design.
  • It contains plenty of storage space for items.
  • It is extremely budget friendly.
  • It is easy to install with the instructional guide included with the purchase of the product.
  • It is very functional and truly an investment.

Cons of this Trailer Tongue Box

There are not a lot of cons associated with this model of trailer tool box. However, no product is perfect. The following is a list of cons associated with this particular model.

  • It only contains one security latch.
  • It is not safe to store flammable materials, such as gasoline, in the tool box.
  • It is spacious, but other models are known to provide more storage space.


All in all, this model is a prime candidate for purchase. In fact, it stands out as one of the most highly rated trailer tongue box. It is stylish, it is functional, and it is affordable for just about anyone’s budget. This trailer tool box has high marks all across the board. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the plentiful benefits this outstanding item that is truly a force to be reckoned with. Not many other models can even begin to compare to this individual model. This is one of the most highly rated and most popular models on the market. It is easy to see why with all of the fantastic benefits it provides. It is a bit more expensive than other models, but it is worth every single penny because of its outstanding craftsmanship and high quality material.

Buyers Trailer Tongue Aluminum Tool Box

UWS is well known for providing top of the line products made with the highest quality materials. The UWS TBV-34-LP 34″ Low Profile Trailer Box with Beveled Insulated Lid is no different. It has tons of features and perks that users have fallen in love with. It provides numerous benefits to users that make buying a tool box for a trailer a true investment. This model is currently available for just over three hundred dollars which makes it extremely budget friendly. It has an easy installation process that is stress and hassle free. This model is ideal for a wide variety of people. The item is available in many different colors, but the most common color option offered is black. It is an ideal option when it comes to trailer attachments like toll boxes. A full warranty from the manufacturer is included with purchase. This allows consumers to rest easy knowing they have a warranty just in case problems with the trailer box occurs.

Features, Delights, and Extra Perks

The UWS TBV-34-LP 34″ Low Profile Trailer Box with Beveled Insulated Lid is a great option that offers a boat load of features that users are sure to love. It fits just about any type, model, and size of trailer. This is one of the features that users love most about this product besides the affordable price. It is lightweight, but still tough enough to handle many different types of tasks. There is tons of space for storage like straps, tools, or wood chocks. Is has a sleek modern design that is easy on the eyes while the price is easy on the wallet. The thick high quality materials will not rust. It makes a beautiful and functional addition to lots of different trailers. There truly has never been a better time to purchase this model because of the low price. It is available in local stores and online.

Product Specifications

It is vital to know the specifications of any product that you purchase. It is even more important to factor in the specifications of the UWS TBV-34-LP 34″ Low Profile Trailer Box with Beveled Insulated Lid. The following is a comprehensive list of all the specifications consumers need to know before making a final decision regarding which trailer tongue box for tools to buy.

      • This product weighs approximately thirteen pounds and two ounces.
      • It is made in the United States of America.
      • It has a half inch of foam to add extra insulation.
      • The dimensions of the product are thirty seven by twenty eight by thirteen.
      • Manufacturer warranty must be obtained through the customer service and support team.

Pros of this Trailer Tongue Box

There are tons of different benefits, perks, and pros associated with this particular type of trailer box. The following is a list of the most common pros associated with buying this low profile box for a trailer.

      • The lid is completely insulated which keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. This is an extra perk because it prevents important items from freezing during the winter and times of cold weather. This also prevents tools from becoming rusty due to condensation.
      • It is extremely affordable.
      • A full comprehensive one year full warranty is included with purchase.
      • The assembly process is easy. An instructional guide with pictures is included to make the assembly process even faster and simpler than ever before. If customers experience problems, they can always contact the manufacturer to obtain help.
      • The organization compartments are large and provide impressive space for storage.
      • It is a low profile box that fits just about any trailer there is.
      • It has a great design that is not only appeasing to the eye. It is also functional.
      • It is a practical addition to any trailer.
      • The trailer box is made with high quality materials to help the item endure the test of time even in the toughest conditions. It absolutely will not rust. This is one of the things that people love most about it besides the price.

Cons of this Trailer Tongue Box

There are not a lot of cons associated with this product. However, even the best products experience a few drawbacks from time to time. The following is the small list of cons associated with the UWS low profile trailer box that has a beveled lid.

      • It is complicated to make a claim to take advantage of the warranty.
      • The box does not fit every single trailer. Users will have to check with their manual in order to see if the trailer box is the right fit.
      • While the assembly process is easy, it can time a bit of time to figure out how to properly install the item.
      • It only has a three star review on Amazon.
      • While it does provide a lot of storage space, if it provided more depth it would be ideal.
      • The lid is beveled, but can come apart.
      • It is insulated, but only just a bit.

Overall thoughts on this Trailer Tongue Box

This product is a great choice for a wide variety of people. However, some consumers may want more storage space and a higher rated product. The major bummer associated with this model is that it does not fit all trailers. On the other hand, it does fit many different trailer models. It is a tie when it comes to pros versus cons. This product is right for most people, but consumers should investigate their options to ensure that this particular model is right for their specific needs. This model gets the job done with style and grace. It is offered by numerous outlets at a reasonable price for such a finely made product. It has high rated reviews from real consumers whom have actually used this particular product. Do not delay in purchasing one of these models for your very own. It is an investment because you will get tons of use out of it.

Lund 6134T 21-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box, Diamond Plated, Silver

This model has a low profile that is made out of reliable aluminum. It has a diamond pattern shape and is made from one of the most well known companies in the world. It has a four and a half star rating review on Amazon. It can be purchased both online and in local stores at extremely affordable prices. This model is known to last the test of time due to it being made with refined craftsmanship and superb materials. The diamond pattern material is approximately six one hundredths of an inch. It can be attached to many different trailer box models. The diamond trend pattern is not at all tacky. Instead, it looks prime, clean cut, and tough. It adds a lot of style to trailers and is visually appealing. The material it is made out of is scratch less. It is nearly impossible to scratch up the diamond trend material. This means that your tongue truck tool box will always look to be in great condition no matter how old it is.

Features, Delights and Perks

There are a lot of different features about this product that make it a great choice. It is one hundred percent resistant to rust which makes it a prime choice when it comes to these products. It has an inside flat bed for added convenience. An impressive lifetime warranty is included free of charge with the purchase of this model. Any defects in manufacturer or with the materials of the product are completely covered. It protects contents inside from the elements. The tread diamond finish is not just reliable and protective. It also adds visual appeal to the trailer. It does not just work well. It looks good while handling any task you throw at it. Other great features include the locking mechanism and protective covering. The locking mechanism is strong and secure. It has a single latch, but provides a great amount of safety and security to owners.

Product Specifications

      • It is a sixty inch cross bed with a low profile.
      • It requires a small amount of assembly.
      • It is sixty inches long.
      • It stands at approximately twenty and a half inches tall.
      • This model is roughly eleven inches in height.
      • Chrome, black, and other colors are all offered with this unique model of trailer tongue boxes.
      • It weighs around twenty pounds.
      • It has a latch that can be locked.
      • It has an outer covering that makes it scratch resistant.


Pros of this Trailer Tongue Box

      • It is extremely affordable even for people with the lowest budgets. It can cost between two hundred and three hundred dollars.
      • This truck trailer box is securely packaged so that no damage occurs during shipping.
      • It provides excessive storage room and organizational sections.
      • Both a comprehensive instructional manual and owner’s manual are included to make assembly easy. In fact, assembly is extremely quick.
      • This model comes from a widely trusted brand that proudly stands behind their products.
      • It has a stylish sleek design that looks great with all different types of trailers.
      • The model can fit a wide variety of trailers.

Cons of this Trailer Tongue Box

There are not a lot of cons associated with this product, but not every model is perfect. This model does have some drawbacks as do most trailer boxes. This model is not one hundred percent ideal, but it does have a lot of potential that should not be overlooked.

      • It requires assembly.
      • The storage space could be larger.
      • Some users have experienced mechanical issues and have had to return their model to get a replacement.
      • The instruction manual is in small fine print that is a bit difficult to read even if pictures are included.

Deciding Between the Top Trailer Tool Boxes

The Lund/Tradesman 16-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box is a great model for many different kinds of jobs and consumers. It can handle tough tasks and may be possibly the toughest and most reliable truck box on the market. It is easy to install and extremely budget friendly. While this product is not perfect, it is a decent tongue trailer box that does not break the bank. It manages to provide style, storage space, and security to any trailer. There has never been an easier time to purchase this one a kind outstanding trailer tool box because it is exceptionally amazing. This model has a lot of great things about it, but it does have some things that consumers may consider to be a deal breaker. All in all, it is a decent model that consumers have highly reviewed.