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The Absolute Best Bunk Beds with Stairs


Modern pieces of furniture are the best, due to the fact they are more comfortable, safer, better looking and they have additional features. A bunk bed with stairs is not an exception, but proves the rule. At least, this is the situation with the Atlantic Furniture woodland staircase bunk beds with stairs. This bed is a perfect addition to your home, simply because it has everything a bed of this type must have and it even offers something more. In any case, this is one of the best bunk beds with stairs on the market right now.

The main and the best part of it is the fact it is very comfortable. However, is practical at the same time, so it is a much better choice than most bunk beds with stairs you can buy today. Simply said, this is a safe buy product and definitely a wise investment, due to the fact it has an impressive level of quality.


The Best Bunk Bed with Stairs

bunk beds with stairs

The main and the best feature of this product is the fact it has been made from solid hardwood. This means that it is resistant to pressure, smaller damages and the most important, it is durable. There won’t be any problems with using this bed for a decade. Keep in mind that most products of this type are made from cheap materials, so they are lightweight, but they are not very durable. Due to the fact this is a bunk bed, strong construction is mandatory and it definitely should be taken into account, when choosing a product of this type. The wood, used in the manufacturing process is one of the best you can get, which means that this bunk bed has the best quality. On the other side, the weight of this bunk bed is 301 pounds, which isn’t very low, but it is reasonable due to the aforementioned feature. In addition, the choice of colors includes caramel latte, antique walnut, white and walnut. All of this means that you can choose the product variant that suits you the best.


Storage compartments in Bunk Beds with Stairs

As we mentioned earlier, new pieces of furniture are more practical, simply because they have additional storage compartments. This means that you don’t need smaller cabinets in the same room, where this bunk bed will be located. It offers one compartment under the bed itself, which is perfect for storing pillows and bedding. At the same time, this is one of the best bunk beds with stairs, due to the fact it offers more space than similar products. Two drawers, located in the aforementioned place are made from hardwood as well, so they are durable and they can withstand everyday use. In addition, you get additional shelves on one side of the bed, which is perfect for placing trophies, toys or anything that you like. Keep in mind that these shelves are strong and they can withstand heavy objects. An interesting fact is that this is one of rare bunk beds with stairs that offer this feature. 

Bunk Beds for kids needs Practical Ladders

One of the most interesting features when it comes to bunk beds with stairs is that stairs can be located on each end. At least this is the situation with this product. Simply said, you can add stairs where you want, so you can use this bunk bed in smaller rooms or rooms that aren’t very practical. Keep in mind that stairs are also made from strong materials, so they will last long and there won’t be any issues with them. All, important components are reinforced with steel elements, which means that this product can withstand rough use. In addition, this product comes with slat kit, made from 14 pieces. Don’t forget that the entire product requires assembling, so this is something you will have to do by yourself. However, this is an easy task that will take about 3-4 hours to complete. In the package you get a detailed manual, so all steps are easy to understand and follow.


Safety standards for Bunk Beds

As you may know, bunk beds with stairs are far more ‘’dangerous’’ than ordinary beds, so they must satisfy additional standards. A great thing with this product is the fact it meets all, the latest and the most important safety standards, so it is a safe product. In addition, this manufacturer is well-known for making safe bunk beds, so this is a great factor that should be taken into account when choosing bunk beds with stairs. Knowing that your children are perfectly safe is mandatory for every parent, so this may be the most important feature this product has to offer. According to a survey, conducted in the United States, this bed is one of the safest on the market. All problematic components and issues are well-protected, so the risk of injuries is eliminated. This is one of the reasons why this bed can be used by smaller children.

The Best Bunk Beds with Stairs for Sale

Specifications on this Bunk Bed with Stairs

  • The dimensions: 93.1 x 56.6 x 66 inches.
  • The weight: 301 pounds.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Color: walnut, white, antique walnut and caramel latte.
  • Hardwood construction.
  • Reinforced with steel components.
  • Meets safety standards: Yes.
  • Shipment: Product can be shipped in the United States.
  • Available from: 2005.
  • Available in sizes: 3.

Reviews of this Bunk Bed with Stairs

This is one of the best bunk beds with stairs we ever had. Our children are very satisfied with it and they like spending a lot of time in bed. We needed 4 hours to fully assembled this bed and place it in a room.

The best purchase I have ever made, simply because my son is 100% happy with it, and I didn’t spend a lot of money on it. I researched a lot and I determined that this is the most affordable bunk bed I found.


The bottom line is simple. This is one of the best bunk beds for kids you can get, simply because it is the safest, the most practical, it offers storage compartments, it is made from hardwood, instead of cheap materials and it comes at an affordable price. Similar models are more expensive, but they don’t have this level of quality.