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The Best Nipping Pliers for your Do It Yourself List

Growing up, my grandfather would always tell me, “A man can do anything if has the right tool for the job.” To the self made handy man, that means if you do not have the right tool, you will either fail horribly or spend a lot more time doing something which should be very simple. In this case, the task at hand is some simple home maintenance. I had a fence which needed the ends to be snipped off and I have to remove nails from old molding without ruining the finish.

What Nipping Pliers can help you Accomplish

The list of tasks this set pliers can help with is low. Normally we have a lot of utility out of our tools but this set of pliers has a very specific set of tasks it is ideal for. It is ideal for snipping metal which is too thick for a set of needle nose pliers. anything thicker than a wire such as fencing or nails would be ideal for Nipping Pliers.

Ideally, you would only use Nipping Pliers to:

  1. Remove Nails
  2. Remove Screws
  3. Snip Nails
  4. Snip Screws
  5. Snip Fencing (Animal and Chain-link Fence)

Limited in its application, nothing does a better job to remove a nail than Nipping Pliers. Unlike a traditional claw hammer, the Nipping Pliers does one thing extremely well, removes nails without damaging what the nail is in. For most people this will not matter, but if you are working with anything with a finish, this is essential. Imagine trying to remove a nail from molding. I rest my case.


The Best Nipping Pliers

Milwaukee 7 in. Nipping Pliers

Let me cut right to the chase. You can not find many good sets of Nipping Pliers. Most people use a claw hammer to remove nails, which I completely understand. They have more leverage and are plain easier to remove most nails.

But if you have a job requiring to actually cut a nail or not damage what you are removing the nail from, you need Nipping Pliers.

Like all Milwaukee products, the Milwaukee Nipping Pliers are universally loved. Highly rated for durability and performance, they work without ever skipping a beat. Extremely high customer rating make these the first choice for many DIY’ers when the task arises.

The key features over your grandfathers Nipping Pliers are the extremely durable comfort grip, extremely sharp nipping end, and smooth head to prevent any damage to your finish.

Backed by the Milwaukee warranty and the quality all Milwaukee products have, I easily recommend this set of pliers for any DIY task. I personally was able to snip my chain link fence and remove the nails from my molding without leaving any marks.


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