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Best Needle Nose Pliers for any Job

My Grandfather always told me, “A man can do anything if has the right tool for the job.” In this case, it was not true. In my case, I can say he was right. When it came to buying a pair of needle nose pliers I first had to figure out the job I needed to use this tool.

What do you typically use Needle Nose Pliers for?

Electricians or jewelry artisans typically use needle Nose Pliers. For our purpose, I assume we are all aspiring electricians. This tool is used to snip, strip or bend small metal or wires. As opposed to regular pliers, Needle Nose Pliers has a cutting edge at the end of the pliers which is perfect to snip wires or strip the plastic coating off of wire.

This would replace using a box cutter or razor and bulkier pliers or claims to handle fine detail and small work. A good pair of Needle Nose Pliers will be long enough to fit into small spaces. If you ever needed to cut a wire or clamp wire, this is the pair of pliers you need for the job.


The Best Needle Nose Pliers for Sale

When it comes to a pair of Needle-Nose Pliers, you need to have the following check boxes checked off.

  1. Elongated Nose
  2. Comfort Grip
  3. Lifetime Warranty
  4. Laser Hardened Cutting Edge

Aside from this, the rest of the details come down to personal and expensive preferences. I want a tool which will fit into a tool belt and be easily identifiable. Easily identifiable because if I am in the middle of working on a project, I want to be able to tell someone “hand me the green handled tool.” If you have kids or a spouse, you know exactly why this is a requirement of mine.

Channellock 7-1/2 in. Long Nose Pliers

Channellock 7-1/2 in. Long Nose Pliers

See that impossible to miss blue handle? That easily made this long nose pliers of choice. But if that is not enough to get you to go to the blue side, how about we look at how well these have lasted.

Over the course of three years I have assisted in re-wiring two homes and and fixing the electrical wiring for a swimming pool. Every time I had to pull out this pair of pliers they worked flawlessly. Laser hardened cutting edge was a feature I needed. This has cut through wire without missing a beat each and every time.

The life time warranty is something I have not needed to use so far and I have no visible wear on these pliers. In addition, I have no rust what so ever.

The final deciding factor to buy these were how well rated they were. Five stars and a popular selling on most home improvement websites I went to put me over the edge.

Did they do the job?

Absolutely. Every time I needed to work with wire this was my go – to tool and has made its way onto my tool belt. What put this over the top in terms of recommending it (And using it over other brands such as Craftsman) is the fact they worked for every project I needed.

My fiance works on small crafts and has a substantial green house. On more than one occasion she needed to cut wire to tie up plants. Unlike my other pliers I usually have her use, these cut everything she tried to snip. I normally find Needle Nose Pliers have a difficult time cutting small ends of wire. This requires you to snip further down the wire in order to have a clean cut.

Depending on what you are working on, you have not have those extra inches. This pair of needle-nose pliers allowed me to cut even a couple centimeters off of a wire without bending the wire. The clean cut made this pair a cut above the rest.


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