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The Best Crimping Pliers for your Do It Yourself List

My grandfather told everyone he met, ‘You can do anything if has the right tool for the job.’ I have not heard him speak these words in over ten years, but every time I have a project to do I hear his voice telling me to find the right tool. In this case, I needed Crimping Pliers.

The task I had when I first purchased a new pair of crimping pliers was chicken fence. Very thin fencing not worth welding but I needed to crimp or clam together. My fiance wanted a way to keep rabbits out of her garden so I found a new tool for the job.


What are Crimping Pliers used for?

This one is simple. Smoothing out metal. If you want to bind or tie metal, you need a smooth finish to do so. Plumbers will often using Crimping Pliers for smoothing or bending pipe. Crimping Pliers are also used to smooth out or shape metal for use in crafts and jewelry making.

Crimping Pliers are not regular pliers, needle nose pliers, or cutting pliers. They are designed fundamentally different to shape metal, and not bend or cut.

To recap:

  1. Used only to Crimp metal
  2. Often used by Plumbers
  3. Very Versatile for Crafts

This is one of the tools you will wonder how you lived without it after you get a pair. Crimping allows metal to stay together without any other bonding agent most often and for tasks like fencing, it is worth its weight in gold.

The Best Pair of Crimping Pliers

Milwaukee Crimping Plier

Milwaukee Crimping PlierOnce again, Milwaukee has won me over with comfort. I have used several crimping devices over the years and this is hands down the most comfortable. I am able to crimp for hours without much fatigue. Unlike my non – grip pairs of pliers, I do not ear my skin or form any blisters after prolonged use.

My fiance tends to use this pair more than I do. More like she confiscated the pair. She uses this pair mainly for crimping chicken fence for her garden and crafts. This pair works better than any other dedicated crimping tool she has used.

When I do need to crimp metal, which is often when working with pipe, I have a flawless and easy time with this pair of pliers.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and designed to not rust, this is a must for your tool box. After having this pair of pliers for several users I have no issues using them. This includes leaving them in the rain over night on several occasions after gardening. No oil grease required , they just keep working no matter how rough we are on them.



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