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What You Need to Know about Bats in House

What You Need to Know about Bats in House

Bats in House

If you happen to find yourself in the position where a bat has found its way into your home, the best thing to do is remain calm. Bats are not the most pleasant creatures to a lot of people but there is no reason that it can’t be evacuated humanely and safely. Learn all about Bats in House.


If you find a bat in the home, initially you need to…

Close all the interior doors while creating an exit for the bat. It is confused at this point and will look for a way out. The bat usually will fly higher near the ceilings and lower toward the center of the room, following a U-shaped pattern. Staying low and close to walls while it makes its way out is the best bet.


If it doesn’t leave…

You can try to catch it. Never attempt to do so with bare hands. Use thick leather gloves or work gloves. Bats can bite through thin materials like cotton. Bats will most likely land on curtains and chairs, somewhere they can hang. Place a plastic container over the bat as carefully as possible. Slide paper or cardboard underneath it, to trap the bat inside (as you would also do while catching insects). Now you can take it outdoors to be released.


Next, find the point of entry…

At this point, it’s important to inspect the entire house to see if there are more bats present. The bat could have gotten inside by accident, through way of a gap or opening that leads to the attic. Bats can enter a home in an opening as small as 3/8 of an inch. If they’ve been living in the attic, you can find out through the following methods…




  • Search For Guano


A sure giveaway is if you find bat droppings, also known as guano. If you see guano, they are still there or they have definitely been there. If they have migrated, they will return unless the point of entry is thoroughly sealed off.


  • Check Outside Walls & Roof


If you can’t access the attic or you don’t see any guano, check the outside walls and the roof of the home for urine stains from the bats or for a brown stain which is the oil on the bat’s skin that comes off as they squeeze inside the home.


  • Stake out


Wait until dusk then head outside your home to spot any bats flying out. This will show you exactly how they’re getting in and out.

Just remember that they could be entering from roof vents, ridge caps and gables, through missing bricks or broken windows, through louvers or vents.  You could always turn to calling a professional who can diligently find an entry point and collect any bats that may be living in your attic.