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Squirrels in the Attic: What NOT to Do

What NOT to Do – Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels in the Attic

At some time in a homeowner’s life, a squirrel may want to chew its way in or come in through a hole to gain access to a warm attic. It may be through a weakened area of a roof, through a vent or through a hole but an attic is a comfortable and safe home for a squirrel. Unfortunately for the homeowner, squirrels can do a lot of damage. They can harm a home by damaging insulation, chewing and making holes in the home and depositing feces and urine which could stain ceilings and cause a strong, unpleasant odor. There are ways to get rid of these unwanted squirrels in the attic, the best way being to call a professional but here are a few ways NOT to get rid of them. Learn how to handle Squirrels in Attic.

Don’t block off the hole in the area.


If a squirrel becomes stuck inside an attic and doesn’t see an escape, it will try to chew and gnaw its way out. This will significantly cause more damage to the home. A squirrel can chew through many materials including sheetrock, wiring and even the ceilings themselves. If they still cannot eat their way out, they will die in the attic which will eventually cause a foul smell that will need to be dealt with via cutting open the ceiling.


If the squirrel was outside when the hole was blocked off, the animals still consider the attic home. This will most likely lead to them creating a new hole. They could chew the old hole or just continue chewing until they find a weak spot to enter through. On top of that, if a female mother squirrel has been locked out of the attic while juvenile squirrels are still inside, a mother squirrel can do a lot more damage. They will frantically chew until they find a way in and will stop at nothing to be reunited with their young. All in all, when there are squirrels in attic it’s best to go another route to deal with it.

Don’t use mothballs.


Many people turn to placing mothballs in the attic in order to get rid of the unwanted squirrels. The fumes from the mothballs may make the squirrels want to leave but the strong stench could very easily seep through the attic and make its way throughout the home. The fumes are not only unpleasant but they can be toxic. They are also tricky to find and retrieve later on in the process so it’s best to avoid that method altogether.


What to Do

Squirrels in the attic are a nuisance but it’s not something to take lightly. A family can quickly grow to the double digits if not taken care of quickly. But the squirrels are still living things, so fumigating them out or blocking up their new home is not the answer. The best thing to do is call a professional who can get them out within a few days. And in order to prevent it from happening, trim any large trees and branches around the home. This is the best way to handle squirrels in attic.