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The Most Popular Roll Top Desks for Sale

Best Roll Top Desk
DeskProduct NameUser ReviewWeightDimensions
Roll Top Desk For SaleWood Roll Top DeskNA350 pounds57 Inches
Home Office Secretary Desk4 / 5 Stars83.5 pounds23 x 22.5 x 20 inches

There are a lot of benefits that one can enjoy when they decide to buy a roll top desk. It gives people the work space they need to complete important tasks. Desks are an investment because people get so much use from a desk. It is a great place to study or to catch up on work outside of the office. Having a space to complete important tasks or to study can be a great advantage for the entire family. Locating a roll top desk for sale could be the best thing you ever purchased.

There is a wide selection of roll top desk for sale to choose from. However, some models are better than others. Not all desks are created equal. There are plenty of roll top desks for sale, but there are two models that stand out more than the other. The first model is the Wood Rolltop Desk. The second desk is the Home Office Secretary Desk. Each model has its own unique perks, benefits, and cons that will be examined.

There are a lot of different things that people look for when shopping for a roll top computer desk or small roll top writing desk. Roll top desks are somewhat old fashioned. They have been in use for hundreds of years. The roll top is lifted up and works somewhat like a garage door. When the door is open, there is storage space inside. By having a roll top desk, users are able to secure their computer or files without worrying about anyone else bothering them.

Wood Roll Top Desk

Roll Top Desk For Sale


This is an ideal option for people with children or those who worry about security and privacy. Most roll top desks are made from hardwoods like cherry or oak. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this desk because it is made of such high quality materials and is available at the lowest prices ever. While it may be a bit more expensive than other desk models, it is worth every penny. This is the kind of desk that you can be proud to pass down your family line as an heirloom. The desk already looks like an antique. It can last long enough to officially become an antique. Thus desk is stylish, practical, and an addition to the home that actually adds value.

Your Dream is now here

A roll top writing desk can be the best thing that an aspiring writer should have. A roll top writing desk is perfect for students at home and for college students in their dorms. You may not think that you have the room for a top of the line roll top desk. However, you just might be surprised by the wide variety of sizes available to choose from. The best model currently being offered is the fifty seven inch wood roll top desk. It may seem like a big desk for a dorm or a home office, but that simply is not the case. While the wooden roll top desk is a spacious desk, it can fit in many different areas. It is great for the home office. It is even a great option for your office at work. It makes a great roll top secretary desk for your assistant at work. The handles need to be assembled. The legs and drawers of the desk also require a small amount of assembly.


Made from oak

It is made out of solid oak. Oak is a hardwood that many fine antique roll top desks are made of. Desks are made of these fine hardwoods because oak furniture has the potential to last for a long period of time. This desk is definitely a desk that will last. This desk is not an antique roll top desk. However, it has the visual appeal and appearance of an antique. It has an old school design, but has a modern layout for extra added convenience. This desk is made by Wilshire Furniture whom has a long history of providing the best possible products at the most affordable prices. Wilshire Furniture takes a great amount of pride in providing their customers with nothing but the very best.  There is very little assembly required, but a few tools are needed to put the desk together. It is not difficult if the instructions are followed properly. The desk is shipped in a lot of packaging. It is great because it keeps the desk safe during the shipping process. However, it is difficult to open the packaging. Plus, there are a lot of things to pick up and throw in the trash after unwrapping the desk.

Dark Stain Finish

This highly review and rated desk has a dark stain finish that is nothing short of extraordinary. Amazon offers incredible assembly services that allow consumers to purchase the desk and not even have to worry about putting it together. The process of putting it together is not the least bit difficult. It simply takes a short amount of time and a little bit of patience. Using the instructional guide is highly suggested in order to have your desk completely assembled. Buyers will be in awe of the refined beauty of this truly one of a kind roll top desk.

Free shipping options are also included with the purchase of the desk. That is a much appreciated added value. This is an elegant desk that is not just gorgeous, but also very functional and spacious. The amount of storage space is simply out of this world. There are not a lot of negative things that can be said about this particular desk model. It is easy on the eyes. It is extremely spacious. It is beautiful. The only con associated with this product is that it can be too heavy for some people to move once it is assembled.


Quality Craftsmanship

Purchasing a roll top desk is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. Not just any desk is going to cut it when you have something specific in mind. Quality, craftsmanship, budget, and features are all vital things to consider when purchasing roll top desks. There are a lot of different options when it comes to desks that roll. One of the most highly recommended and highly reviewed roll top desks is the fifty seven inch wood roll top desk. A lot of thought needs to go into purchasing a roll top desk.

Product Features and Delights

There are approximately fourteen drawers of different sizes. There are file cabinets along with space to store office items. Both letter and legal size documents are accommodated with this unique roll top computer desk. There are approximately four large drawers for accessories and storage. Each storage drawer and file cabinet has a gorgeously designed handle that is easy to grip. The model weighs roughly three hundred fifty pounds. The product features an extensive lifetime warranty that not many other models have. The warranty ensures that if cared for properly, the desk will last the test of time. The desk from Wilshire Furniture has a finish that is called Country Cherry. With four accessory drawers and two file drawers, there is plenty of space to take advantage of. The metal slides are securely attached. The metal slides have ball bearings. Secretary pull out is also offered with this unique desk model. 

Wood Roll Top Desk Specifications

  • The fifty seven inch wood roll top desk  is a great option for a wide variety of reasons. It is priced at less than two thousand dollars. That price is an extremely good deal when consumers consider the high quality materials and craftsmanship that is put into the desk.
  • It is made with hardwood solids that are very easy on the eyes. The roll top computer desk comes ready to assemble. Easy to follow instructions are included so that it is simple to get the desk set up.
  • The veneer construction makes a fantastic addition to any home. The wide amount of storage space makes this model an ideal addition to the home or the office. This roll top secretary desk is stylish and reliable.
  • It only weighs roughly eighty to ninety pounds.
  • There are multiple compartments for storing all sorts of different home office supplies such as legal documents and file holders.
  • It is large enough to allow ample room to move around while still managing to work efficiently.


Pros and Cons: The Best and Worst of the Wooden Desk

  • The desk is durable and made of veneer hardwood. It is solid and strong.
  • The desk can be too heavy for some people’s liking.
  • The desk is somewhat expensive.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is hard to move from room to room.
  • The desk has lot of places to store a wide variety of things besides home office supplies.
  • The wooden desk can take up a lot of room.
  • When shipped, the desk is so well packaged that it can be somewhat difficult to get open.
  • It can be purchased both in stores and online.
  • It is practical, beautiful, and functional.
  • The desk requires very little assembly. Instructional guides with pictures are included to help aid in the assembly process.
  • It is easy to clean, but needs to only have certain cleaning products applied to it. Otherwise, the integrity of the stain and the wood could be compromised.


The KZA226 is a fantastic roll top desk that has all the features that one could possibly want out of a desk. It is spacious and stylish. It is made with long lasting materials. There are very few cons associated with this particular desk. One thing that people might not like is the fact that this model of desk is extremely heavy. There are not a lot of bad things that can be said about this particular desk. There are a lot of perks and benefits associated with this specific desk. In fact, there are tons of things to love about it. It is a highly rated and recommended product that is a  must have furniture item in everyone’s home.  The KZA226 is an outstanding desk with a roll top. Other desks with roll tops are jealous of the KZA226 desk’s style and class. While the desk does have some drawbacks, the benefits definitely outweigh the cons.

Home Office Secretary Desk


Ashley Furniture has recently developed a new home office secretary desk that is also perfect for a home office. Ashley Furniture is a well known company that has been in the furniture business for many years. They have a long history of providing a wide selection of elegant furniture at affordable budget friendly prices. The Ashley Furniture Secretary Desk could be the best desk that Ashley Furniture has released in a long time. It is the ideal desk option for anyone who is short on space. It fits well in dining rooms, bedrooms, and any other area that you can think of. It is a beautiful deep brown that is delightful to the eyes. The desk would nicely match any décor regardless of color or pattern.

Sleek and modern design

It has a rich deep brown cherry finished stain that makes it look like an antique. However, it has a sleek, modern, compact design. This small desk is made from delicately selected reliable veneers and hardwoods of the highest possible quality. The pencil tray is compartmentalized conveniently located in the utility drawer that provides tons of space for storage of all kinds of different items. It is the best space saving desk currently available on the market. It is more lightweight than other models. It is not just elegant. It is practical.

Organization Made Easy with the New Roll Top Desk from Ashley Furniture

This desk is highly recommended by those whom have purchased it. There is a larger size model of the desk available, but the small version is by far the most popular. The larger model is a bit more expensive. Both models are nothing short of gorgeous. The desk has hardware that is made of brass and have an antique style. There is only a small amount of assembly required. The multiple storage compartments are a much loved feature that is definitely one of the most impressive. Organization will never be a problem again with this awesome desk helping keeping people organized. Even though the desk is small it provides a considerable amount of storage space. It can even provide plenty of room for a computer without cramping the user. There are inserts included that users can decide what level they would like for them to be placed. It is large enough to fit a seventeen inch laptop inside with ample space. It is big enough to not only use a laptop at, but it is also big enough to actually store a laptop of up to seventeen inches. Larger laptops may fit, but space may be limited. There is a letter tray that can be used for mail, bills, or other important documents. The inside pigeon holes and small petite drawers are another perk that is highly rated. The packaging of the product during the shipping process keeps it completely safe. While the robust amount of packaging keep the desk in tip top condition, it is kind of a pain to open up. There is a lot of trash cleanup afterwards, but it is totally worth it. The product is made in China.

Most Impressive Features

This stylish small desk with a roll top weighs less than eighty four pounds. It comes nearly assembled so that it is easier for the buyer to put together. A complete concise instructional guide that includes pictures is included to make it even easier for the desk to be assembled. It has dimensions of twenty three by twenty two point five by twenty inches. The This roll top desk is a great buy. It is offered at the affordable budget friendly price that is less than four hundred dollars. It has a four out of five star rating on Amazon and has received impressive reviews from users. The desk is not only a beautiful addition to a room. It is also extremely functional and allows users to enjoy the benefits of being organized. The top of the desk is a great place to put items such as lamps, decorative items, and other office supplies. One of the main drawers has little compartments that have been sectioned off so that items like paper clips or staples can be kept separate. The part that drops down is strong, but is not very heavy.


Product Specifications for the Small Cherry Finished Desk

  • There are taps on the file drawers that allows people to label the drawers if they wish to do so.
  • The legs of the desk are not the least be complicated to attach. There are not many tools that are required in order to put the desk together.
  • It would look great anywhere, even a dining room, because it has such a beautiful design. It is truly elegant décor that does a whole lot more than look good. The desk is often compared to the old fashioned desks that were used in libraries back in the day. The desk fits well in tight spaces and is extremely sturdy. The dark finish helps the desk shine like the sun on a summer day.
  • The beautiful wood is from Ashley Furniture and sold by a wide variety of companies like Amazon.
  • When the desk is removed from the safety packaging, there are no foul odors, which is a common concern that people have. Another thing that people like about the B0049M6T3M wood desk is that there is plenty of extra storage space for books, files, and even decorative items. The latch closes securely for privacy.
  • The desk is made overseas, but meets the highest standards around the world.

Pros and Cons

  • This desk is very lightweight. The fact that the desk is not heavy is a perk because it can be moved from room to room. Anytime that you want to redecorate your home or a certain room, moving the desk is always an option. It looks good in kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms.
  • The desk is a small version which means it not provide enough space for desktop computers.
  • It is extremely affordable and budget friendly.
  • The only thing that people need to assemble is the legs of the desk. The legs practically slip right on without any hassle.
  • This desk is made from a highly trusted and widely known brand.
  • A warranty is provided with the purchase of the product.
  • It adds elegance and ambiance to a room.
  • The organization compartments make keeping things clean and organized easier than ever before.
  • It is easy to keep clean, but only certain types of cleaning products can be used on the finishing stain.


Best Roll Top Desk
DeskProduct NameUser ReviewWeightDimensions
Roll Top Desk For SaleWood Roll Top DeskNA350 pounds57 Inches
Home Office Secretary Desk4 / 5 Stars83.5 pounds23 x 22.5 x 20 inches

All in all, I went with the big 350 real Roll Top Desk. The Secretary Desk is nice, but I wanted something large to fit everything inside. If you want a good roll top desk you will be paying good money to accomplish this and get everything you are looking for but I think it is well worth it to keep everything in its place.