The Most Popular Roll Top Desks for Sale

A product of the 19th-century, roll top desks once the “go to” desk, but then their industry was taken over by steel. Thankfully, there are still people who value craft over modern materials and enjoy the traditional roll top desk style. You may see more of this style in thrift stores or antique shops, but the Internet also has access to newly created roll-top desks.

How Big is the Average Roll Top Desk?


Roll top desks have more features than a flat surface, including ornate handles, rich wood, compartments for storage, and of course – a roll top! The average roll top desk can weigh anywhere between 120 pounds to 500 pounds; crazy! If you’re looking for something minimalistic and space saving, the roll top may not be for you. Although, there are a lot of storage options in your everyday roll top desk!

Are They Easy to Assemble?


Even though roll top desks themselves are more massive, it doesn’t mean that they’re automatically harder to assemble. In fact, the larger pieces usually come pre-assembled, so all you have to do is attach the back, the base, and the top (rolling) part. Within an hour, you can bring back the 19th-century style.


What Can a Roll Top Desk Handle?


We wouldn’t suggest placing your early 2000’s CTR monitor computer on this thing, although some people have, we only recommend a laptop for the electronics department. You may be able to fit a printer or your DSLR camera somewhere on it, too! The shelving and compartments can hold personal documents, personal items, keys, work information, jewelry, and more.

What are the Warranties like?


The warranty entirely depends on where you purchase your roll top desk. In choosing Wal-Mart, you may receive an exclusive Wal-Mart warranty for going through an approved retailer. If you buy off of Amazon or a second-hand seller, you may not receive a guarantee at all, risking hundreds to thousands of dollars in case something were to happen.

Now, let’s get into our favorite products!


54 in. Mylan Roll Top Desk in Burnished Walnut


Roll Top Desk for Sale

This desk might be familiar to you through your grandmother, as it follows the traditional roll top desk style. The Mylan Roll Top Desk for sale is that of rustic style and has excellent features including:


  •       Ornate handles
  •       17 drawers
  •       Seven mail-styled slots
  •       Pen/keyboard drawer


For such a decently sized desk, it comes with a lot of compartments for organized chaos. Personally, I love the mail styled slots, allowing you to keep mail you’ve received every day of the week. There are compartments for smaller items like keys, or jewelry, and bigger drawers for folders of confidential information. Whether you use it or not, it’s an utterly beautiful piece to have as decoration in your home.



The only con I can see is that there are so many drawers and compartments, you may not have anything to fit in all of them, marking them as “wasted space.” It’s a gorgeous piece, so it may be best not to overfill the drawers with work and personal documents. We highly recommend this piece as it’s simple, a beautiful color, with easy assembly.


The warranty is up to 1-year as stated by Wal-Mart’s website, and is a free guarantee, unlike other sites that force you to purchase a protection plan in place of warranty.


54 in. Marlin Deluxe Roll Top Desk in Cherry

Roll Top Desk for Sale

With a slightly similar bottom base than others, the top was designed to fit as many compartments as possible. Prefacing this, it could be the only con, as it can seem overwhelming for those who simply enjoy the bottom piece and the side compartments. However, this piece has great features including:


  •       23+ drawers/compartments
  •       Keyhole for specific drawers
  •       Not overly bulky


Despite its many compartments, 54 in. Is the average size for roll-top desks, so it’s not as bulky as you think! On the two bottom drawers on each side, there is a keyhole above. Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether for decoration or actual use. This is another con, but not a deal breaker as it doesn’t take away from the functionality.



This desk comes with a 1-year, limited (and free!) Wal-Mart warranty.


54 in. Mylan Roll Top Desk in Harvest Oak


Roll Top Desk for Sale

You may be wondering if you see double, but you’re not – sort of! The same style of the desk but a different color, it makes a world of difference. If you aren’t into darker shades because it doesn’t go with your mood or décor, this harvest oak option is available. Features of this desk include:


  •       16 drawers/compartments
  •       Nine open slots
  •       Keyholes in bottom drawers


Not as many compartments as others, this has just the right amount, while allowing you to store a ton of things in a few different ways. Choose to store in the traditional drawers on bottom, the “mail” type slots on top, or the smaller drawers on the top sides. This light color will make the room feel slightly bigger, too.



The only con of this we can see is that it’s not a darker color. The orange hinted harvest oak shade is an acquired taste. This desk also comes with a 1-year limited, free Wal-Mart warranty.


My Recommendation


While I don’t hate the 54 in. Marlin Deluxe Roll Top Desk, there are entirely too many drawers for my taste. The Mylan Roll Top desk is the perfect option not to be overwhelmed by while presenting multiple color choices. Personally, I believe our first product first of the Mylan Roll Top Desk in Burnished Walnut is a stunning addition to any home. There are just enough drawers, compartments, mail slots, and desktop space for me to enjoy working and writing comfortably.