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The Absolute Best Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Picking the Right Paint Colors for Bedrooms

When looking at painting your bedroom, the first thing you need to do is choose a paint color. And the first thing required to choose a paint colors for bedroom is to first think about temperature. Keep reading to pick the best Paint Colors for Bedrooms. 


Of course, warm colors appear more active and stimulating, catching the eye, cooler colors, such as those from blue green to blue violet, including most grays, are more likely to be seen as receding, and thus better produce a relaxing and calming effect.


Having said that, there is quite a bit of variation along the spectrum of cool colors: a pale blue along with a bright green can combine to create extremely different spaces and vibes. Of course, if cooler colors aren’t your thing, you can also go with lighter, warmer hues, which are much more subtle; examples would be pinks or soft yellows. These can also give off a soothing feeling.

Set the Mood with the right Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Paint Colors for Bedrooms

If you want to get romantic or sexy, some home decorators and interior designers swear by dark colors, such as navy, deep violet, olive or charcoal. If you are looking for something more tranquil or calm, celery tones or blue-gray is a nice option. Another possibility could be having a coat of white paint all along the walls with white linens and white furniture to match. Many experts recommend staying away from colors which are known for their high energy, such as deep reds, tropical hues or bright greens.


Some folks who know their paint colors swear by soft color combos, which give off a happy and serene energy. Some options might be champagne or egg blue, with a nice mix of a fresh color to make an appealing pattern. These experts would say that they enjoy keeping a bedroom and its colors timeless, classic and simplistic….and also neutral. By achieving this, you keep away from flash trends and can also get creative with other things in the bedroom space. For example: throw pillows, bedding, lamps and/ or side tables.  You might also want to have a bit of fun and add a little pop color here and there to add both layers and interest.

The Right Paint Color Choice

No matter which paint colors for bedrooms you choose, it is vital that you match it well with your linens and furniture. This gives you three options: choosing a paint color for your bedroom that does match well with your existing bedroom furniture; painting your bedroom furniture to match the paint color you want to paint your bedroom; or buy new bedroom furniture to match the paint color you choose.

Now, all three choices could be expensive, but it all depends on which color you most want to paint your bedroom. Just remember that you DO want the color(s) to be soft and soothing, because the whole purpose of the bedroom, is to REST! If you choose energetic colors, you just might find yourself tossing and turning all night.


Whichever color you do choose, make sure that it is a color you enjoy and are willing to have be the last color you see each evening and first that you see when you wake up in the morning. Once you have chosen that color, it’s time to get cracking and paint that bedroom. Now you have the tool’s to pick Paint Colors for Bedrooms.