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All the Living Room Paint Ideas You Need

The Best Living Room Paint Ideas

living room paint ideas

So, you want to repaint your living room? Congratulations! That is always an exciting project…and certainly does not need to be a painful act of self-torture. Read on to see some great living room paint ideas for getting the living painted and looking in a manner that will have you as proud as a peacock!

Selecting a color palette for your Living Room

which style do you hope to express- rustic and warm? Or maybe traditional? Modern contemporary more your thing? Many experts first point out that the height of the wall, sources of light, the size of the room and elements of architecture are key considerations to take into account when you choose designs and colors for painting a room.

Living Room Paint Ideas Finish

This is also an important factor when painting a family room or living room, obviously. If this room of yours is a formal space, you might want to go with a matte that is elegant, or maybe an eggshell finish. That being said, if the living room space happens to be more informal, a semi-gloss or satin finish might turn out to be the best option in the end. Maybe you would also like to take a look at textured finishes, as well. For older homes, which often have wall imperfections which are quite visible, an egg shell or low sheen satin finish may be a better option, but must also have durability.

If you have young children (or grandchildren), be they your own or those that you babysit, you may want to avoid high energetic colors, such as red / wine. This is a common strategy employed by elementary schools, and you would be smart to use it as well. If young children aren’t a factor in deciding which paint color to select for your family living room, then you can get more creative.

Believe it or not, the element that allow you the chance to present a new dimension or color into a room is its ceiling. Darker tones for a ceiling which is tall is always a winning choice, or a color which is lighter for dark walls. An element which varies between rooms is the light source, and also throughout the day (as the amount of light also changes)and thus you should test color samples throughout the day to make sure its the color you want your living room to be.

Don’t forget that with architectural elements which are quite unique, to highlight them with rich dark colors. This strategy is effective in highlighting the beauty in houses and rooms which are architecturally strong.

Finish Touch for Living Room Painting

One last tiny yet important detail, advised by many a pro decorator: always have your color scheme complete to the tiniest detail, and that also means spray paint. This is a great and simple way to alternate the color of light switch tabs, outlet covers, fixtures for lights, vases, chairs, picture frames, etc. In other words, anything you want to keep in place, rather than room, while you paint your living room space. This will allow you to update all items and their color in the living room so that they complement well with the new color you have selected to paint your room, without pulling out all your hair in frustration. Now you have plenty of living room paint ideas.