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How to Kill Cockroaches

How to Kill Cockroaches


Cockroaches are an unsightly insect to have about the house. Not only are they fast creatures but they reproduce very quickly and can often carry spreadable germs. If you catch a cockroach roaming about your home—in the kitchen, garage, or wherever else—the best thing you can do is take care of the problem immediately before the insects multiply. They tend to live in dark areas, so you might not even see them or know that they are there until they have spread across the house.

Knowing how to kill cockroaches is not the most common or easiest household knowledge but it is possible. The best methods to get rid of cockroaches is to take preventative measures (cleaning the house, cleaning messes and spills, putting away food immediately) combined with an effective killing method (pesticides, traps, etc.). You can do it yourself with the following methods:


Clean Your House

The simplest step you can take to kill cockroaches and prevent them is to thoroughly clean your home. This means tidying up any food crumbs, dirty dishes, and deep-cleaning the kitchen. Cockroaches love the kitchen for all the possible grease splatters and crumbs on the floor.


Fix Any Water Leaks

Kill cockroaches quickly by checking your house for any possible water leaks. They love any warm, humid or wet areas where they can survive and drink up. If you cut off their water supply, they can’t live longer than a week.


Take Out the Trash

What a cozy home a trash can is for cockroaches. Take out the trash regularly. This ensures they can’t live in the bin or eat the tossed-away food. Put a lid on it to (if it doesn’t have one already) so they can’t enter.


Use a Soap and Water Solution

Make a homemade anti-cockroach spray of soap and water and put it in a spray-bottle. Spray the cockroaches directly with the spray. This solution blocks off their air supply and kills them quickly. Be sure to throw them away immediately.


Put Cockroach Bait around the House

Most people quickly turn to killing cockroaches with a store-bought poison. There are many different types including packaged traps that seduce and kill them or gel-form poisons which they eat and share with the other cockroaches.


Spray Insecticide

Spray a store-bought insecticide wherever you may think or know the insects are living. Pay extra attention to places like near the trash bin and in cracks and crevasses of the house. This is not a permanent solution because it only pushes them away; it does not kill them.


Call a Professional

Like with many pests, calling a professional is the most sure-fire way to get rid of cockroaches. Although you may know how to kill a cockroach, home methods are not always perfectly effective. If they keep coming back, it’s time to call a professional who will come and take care of the problem. But if you are taking preventative measures while your home is at-risk for cockroaches and killing them as soon as they are found, a professional will not always be necessary.