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Finished Basement Ideas: Convert Your Basement into a Trendier Space

Finished Basement Ideas

Finished Basement Ideas

If you’re itching for basement renovation but you don’t want to spend too much money, there are ways to do so. By simply tweaking some of the items you already own, rearranging some furniture, and before you know it you won’t even recognize your old basement.

Before you start on decorating your basement, there are a few finished basement ideas you might want to consider before hauling all of your items out the door. These can save you some time and effort.

  • Clean it. This may sound like a statement that your mother always tells you to do whenever she knocks on your door, but if you are serious about considering a room make over you have to remove all the clutter and dirt in every corner. Do beware of the random items you might find that may (and will) distract you from your original agenda.
  • Choose a theme. The possibilities are endless; you can pick themes from your favorite movies, books, or even animal prints. While you’re deciding on what theme you should use, you can multitask by segregating the things you want to keep in the room or throw out. Also start taking down the curtains and old wall decorations.

So what’s next?

Utilize the space! Even if you say that it’s an average sized room, you’d be amazed at how much finished basement ideas you really have after removing all the unwanted items you have.

  • Measure the room to determine how much space you actually have. Be sure to take notes even if you claim you won’t forget the numbers—you most likely will. You can later on use these measurements when buying new items.
  • Purchase or reuse artworks and fixtures you want in your bedroom. You can do it yourself or you can hire someone else to install the adjustable wall lamps, this will save the much needed floor space. Bring out the inner artist in you and start painting or take photos to print out and frame.
  • Use a rug. This will utilize the floor and make your room more vibrant with a patch of colour. You can also use your old furniture and assign them new purposes, such as turning an upholstered chair into a bedside table.

Put some style into it!
Here are some steps to achieve your desired finished basement ideas:

  • Choose what color the paint or wallpaper will be. Look for neutrals, a scheme that isn’t too dark or too bright. Utilize patterns for your wallpapers or on your bed sheets to add same flare into the room.
  • Consistency is the key to having a well-put together basement. Make sure to keep true to your theme and style so your items won’t clash. Add a little color if it looks like the scheme will blend.


Comfort is important

Purchase a comfy chair to place at the corner of the room and call it your reading corner where you can grab a book and have a cup of coffee. You can use this method when thinking about finished basement ideas. Add some colorful pillows or change up the style of the sofa to give off the feeling of “welcome home”.

Finished Basement Ideas: Turn your Basement into an Entertainment Room

What can make a home more fun than a personalized entertainment center for family and friends? It is a homeowner’s dream to have a perfect place to entertain guests. Being able to provide leisure options other than chats on drinks is a good way to satisfy visiting relatives and friends. However, setting up a space is daunting to an amateur – most especially if it’s meant to impress people.

Planning the Room Layout

The first thing you need to do is determine the entire area you are going to convert. After this, find out the items you want to place such as a billiards table, a sofa, a bar, etc. Take into consideration what the members of the family enjoy. Sports enthusiasts usually keep a table tennis table while music lovers would most likely have a karaoke system.

Once you have the basics, divide the room for each item and leave a small space for seating areas and tables. If the room is small, consider multi-purpose and less bulky furniture to save space. Lighting installations are also important.

Design Development

Like any other room in a house, you need to decide a theme for the interior. Putting anything without coordination can look messy and is not suitable for small spaces. A lot would appreciate a classic theme with polished wooden furniture, but those with playful sides might go for a colorful retro theme. Ask for ideas from friends and browse photos on the internet. Having design inspirations can help in uniting your choices in paint, décor and furniture.

You don’t have to be too strict with following the theme. If you are going for a very elegant old English interior, you don’t need to have everything made of real timber. Consider plastic replicas for elements that are only meant to be decorations.

Lighting Tips and Ideas

Always make sure that the area is properly lit. You can never go wrong in choosing a simple chandelier. Expect elegance, modern sleekness and functionality in every single option you can choose from. Since modern lightings are made from new materials, you can get the perfect light at a reasonable expense.

Depending on the theme, you can select other light fixtures to compliment the chandelier. Mount them on walls or hang them on the corners. To save on electricity costs, you can go for a battery-operated chandelier. There are designs with this version, but are usually more expensive because of the added mechanism. If you aren’t going to use the room very often, this is the option to go.

An entertainment room doesn’t have to be tailor-made to be impressive. All you need is a masterpiece that can represent the personality of the room like a grand chandelier hanging above the guest lounge area. It doesn’t have to be expensive or antique. You can use a modern one and still achieve the same effect. Make sure to purchase a suitable design that is both functional and beautiful.