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Bring a Touch of the Tropics Home with Tropical Ceiling Fans

Tropical ceiling fans come in many organic and natural materials such as real palm leaf blades and rich bamboo blades to bring that Island Living feel from the outdoors straight home. Tropical ceiling fans also commonly come comprised of dark or light finishes with blades that include hand carved wood, woven bamboo, wicker and rattan. The most unique and alluring part of these tropical style fans are the shapes of the blades with range from big palm fans to intricately carved leaf patterns. The sizes can range from long and thin blades to a traditional wide-set leaf look.

Ceiling fans traditionally have great use for warm summer evenings and are used as an alternative option to air conditioning which can end up cutting electricity bill costs. But nowadays, many people have taken to adding unique styles to their homes by adding in decorative touches to their ceiling fans. A tropical ceiling fan is certainly a statement piece.

Different Tropical Ceiling Fans and There Styles

Tropical Ceiling Fans

Palm Fans will typically have four rounded palm blades.

Leaf Shape is the ultimate paradise look, with four carved wooden blades in the shape of a tropical leaf.

Rattan and Wicker are made with a rattan or plastic-woven body and can be seen with differently shaped blades.

Bamboo Style ceiling fans are made with bamboo blades to give that true outdoor tropical feel.


Tropical ceiling fans also come in different sizes. Small fans are also available for purchase and will come in a smaller finish and with the option for 3 blades as opposed to the typical five. There is also the option of selecting a model with or without lights.


How to Size the Tropical Ceiling Fan for Your Room

The ceiling fan needs to have enough room to allow air to circulate properly and to rotate its blades. To determine what size is needed just measure straight across from the fan blade tip to the opposite blade tip. The following is a list of typical fan sizes and matching room dimensions:

• 32-inch: For rooms up to 80 square feet.
• 42-inch: For rooms between 80 and 120 square feet.
• 44-inch: For rooms between 120 and 144 square feet.
• 52-inch: For rooms 144 square feet and larger.


How Are the Tropical Ceiling Fans Installed?

Basically, tropical ceiling fans should be installed about 8 feet from the ground but the method of installation will depend on the height and type of ceiling fan. If a home has a typically high ceiling, it may need a down rod to help bring it to the correct height. If a home has low ceilings, it requires close or flush-mount installation—also known as hugger ceiling fans. A home with a sloped ceiling can accommodate a ceiling fan with an angle mount.
Tropical ceiling fans look great in any home with any ceiling type. There is quite a range of styles of fans to choose from but no matter what, every design and style is sure to elicit the feeling of a breezy paradise.