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The Best Traditional Corner China Hutch

Everyone collects something and I know every home has at least some China. I found a simple storage solution to keeping all my fine china both on display and out of my way in the kitchen, and that is a Corner China Hutch. Small homes tend to be crowded, with objects stored in disarray and little room, if any, for displaying purposes. But it does not have to be so; a hutch can be an elegant solution to your clutter problem, and can embellish any room you decide to put it in.


This curio cabinet is designed to fit perfectly into a corner, clearing up valuable floor space for your other pieces of furniture, while at the same time providing plenty of display room for tea pots, mugs, plates, prized volumes and albums, and personal keepsakes.

Corner China Hutch Design

The China Hutch comes in a rich cherry finish and dark brown colour that suits most decors. The wood crown and base are designed with traditional elements that only add to the overall elegance of the piece.


It can be placed in dining rooms, living rooms, retirement homes, or in any corner of any small home, for that matter. Despite its considerable weight, the piece is not bulky at all, and features an elegant design. Its timeless style can successfully replace vintage china closets that are too worn down or that no longer fit a new but small home.


Build of this Corner China Hutch

This China Hutch is made in China, but it is very solid and high quality. It weighs close to 150 pounds, and measures 32.5 x 21.8 x 82.2 inches. Built to fit into a corner, the front of the unit measures 36 inches from the left to the right side. This tall cabinet is made of wood and glass; in fact, it is a combination of solid wood and laminate, which makes it so heavy. Despite the fact that it is mostly veneer, the cabinet is still sturdy and able to safely hold books, albums, and china – even full collections of dishes.

The hutch is made up of five glass shelves plus one bottom wood shelf. This amounts to 6 shelves in total and plenty of storage and display space. All glass shelves are quite thick and have scoring for safe display; this means they can support heavier items as well, even though you may wish to either spread these out equally on the five glass shelves, or place heavy books or plates on the wood shelf, just to be on the safe side. The glass shelves are better suited for the display of glass stemware, crystal, and other knickknacks. Moreover, you can install the shelves at whatever heights you prefer and switch levels as you see fit; each shelf is held up by five pins. 

The cabinet has a door that locks with a key. Unlike other corner curios, this one opens from the front rather than from one side only, which you may find more suitable if you live in a really packed home. Between the door and frame there is a latching both on the bottom and on the top, in order to make sure the door stays closed. Although it is quite sturdy on its feet, you can also anchor the unit into the wall due to its pre-made back support.


Display options of this Corner China Hutch

Each shelf has scoring so that you can safely stand up plates for easy viewing. Moreover, the cabinet comes with a light that can be switched on and off, or set to dim, bright, and nightlight. Another great feature is that the light can be adjusted from the outside, as it is placed on the top hinge on the door; all you have to do is tap on the hinge. With each touch, the light changes level. Note that you will have to plug the light into an outlet on the wall first.

The backing of the cabinet is mirrored, which, in combination with the light, creates a beautiful effect.

Unpacking and assembling of this China Hutch

The Corner China Hutch is delivered in a very large cardboard box with wooden frames. You will need to have at least one other person to help you move it inside from the truck; sometimes, you may be able to have it delivered to your dining room, but this is not usually the case. You will also need help to unpack it properly, without scratching any of the surfaces.

The cabinet comes fully assembled; however, there are items that are packed separately, such as the glass shelves, the feet or the key that are fastened to the bottom. It is important that you unpack these and remove them before actually setting the cabinet upright.

Next, once you moved it to its proper corner, you will need to do some minor assembly work, more specifically, mount the feet, install the glass shelves on the supports provided and to the level you desire, and mount the light fixture. You will also have to install the wiring for the lights and plug them into a wall outlet. Finally, the cabinet comes with a support screwed into the back; this serves as an extra safety option in case you need to anchor it into the wall.

The Best Corner China Hutch for Sale

Corner China Hutch
Pros of this Corner China Hutch

  • Beautiful, elegant piece that will bring you lots of compliments, and suit any finely decorated home.
  • The cabinet is a huge space-saver as it enables you to use corner space very efficiently, which is all the more important in small homes.
  • It comes in a dark mahogany colour that looks great in most decors.
  • It features a 4-mode light that can be switched on and off with just a touch.
  • The price is one of its strongest points. The piece is reasonably priced, probably because it is made primarily of veneer rather than solid hardwood.

Cons of this Corner China Hutch

  • It is not entirely solid wood (even though there is a fair amount of it); however, this helps keep the price on the lower side.
  • The curio is very tall and heavy, and it takes two people to carry it safely to its corner.
  • It may take a while to unpack the cabinet.


This China Hutch is the perfect corner cabinet to display your china and knickknacks without taking up much floor space. I personally love this model because it not only looks good, is compact enough to not be in my way. I want a hutch to save space as well as be a show piece, and this is one of the few items to fit the bill.