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The Perfect Corner Hutch of Your Home

I will be honest, I need to save space. I have too much of everything and clutter has taken over my home. A Corner Hutch, as I found, provides the ideal elegant space saver. Even small homes where space is an issue don’t typically make use of corners and leave them empty or crowded with a heap of belongings. A corner cabinet can cleverly turn these empty spaces into opportunities for storage and display, and thus minimize waste.

Depending on its purpose, a Corner Hutch can be a wine cabinet, a china hutch, or a curio for all sorts of knickknacks. Nonetheless, a china hutch can hold other items as well, such as personal keepsakes, albums and volumes, dolls and other collectibles, etc. As the name suggests, this type of cabinet is meant to fit into a corner, so it is rather tall and narrow. This one, for instance, is 82.2 inches tall, 32.5 inches long, and 21.8 inches wide, while the front of the unit, left to right, is 36 inches.

The Corner Hutch Design

This is a tall cabinet, but despite its slender design, it is solid and elegant, and the high quality craftsmanship shows through. It is designed in a traditional style, but this does not make it a piece suitable for retirement homes only. Actually, the hutch can fit equally well into dining and living rooms decorated both in a vintage style and in a contemporary one.

Finish and material

Made of wood and glass, the hutch showcases a beautiful dark cherry finish in a traditional design. Although it is made in China, it is a sturdy and durable mix of solid wood and laminate; in fact, weighing in nearly 150 pounds, you can tell that a fair proportion of hardwood went into its making.

In case you may still think it is not solid enough, you will be glad to know the hutch comes with a support already screwed into the back so that you can easily anchor it into the wall. Moreover, the unit also comes with feet that are fastened separately to the bottom, and that must be removed and installed under the cabinet before placing it upright. The feet ensure the piece rests evenly on the floor and on carpets as well.

Lights and mirrors of a Corner Hutch

Make the most of your tight corner space with the right kind of corner cabinet. However, don’t think only about size, storage and display capacity, but also of how to put your collections in the best light. You can do this quite literally with this cabinet, since it comes with its very own light switcher placed on the door. The 4-mode light can be set to bright, dim, nightlight, and off, all with a simple tap on the hinge of the door. A single touch makes the light change from one setting to the next. But first, you will have to mount the light fixture onto the hinge, install the wiring, and plug the light into a wall outlet.

Furthermore, the mirrored backing of the cabinet, both on its own and in combination with the light, provides a great way to showcase your china and other collectibles.

Glass shelves and Door

The display power of the bottom wood shelf is enhanced by the five glass shelves above. There are pins that hold up each shelf to make it more secure. The shelves are completely adjustable and can be installed at various heights to suit your display and storage needs; to this end, they also come with scoring to make upright display of plates and other china not only safe, but also possible.

The door is also made of glass, but it is secure due to a number of elements. First, there is a latching on the bottom and one on the top of the frame; secondly, there is a key that locks the door (upon delivery, you will find the key packaged tightly to the bottom of the Corner Hutch). Due to the latching, the door stays closed even when unlocked, though.

Moreover, the door on this model opens from the front which is quite rare on most corner cabinets nowadays; most units have doors that open from one side or the other, but this can be impractical in homes where floor room is insufficient, so a curio with a front-opening door is what you need.

Storage Capacity

The hutch provides plenty of storage and display space for a variety of items, not just for china. The number of items on display largely depends on their weight and size; however, since the 5 shelves are made of thick glass, they can support larger and/ or heavier items without breaking. As with any glass shelving, though, you may wish to avoid overcrowding the shelves with heavy plates or books. But that is not a negative, as this is standard for a corner hutch. 

Thus, if you need to buy a cabinet to display your old china, the safest way is to divide the bulkier items equally between the five glass shelves, and place the largest ones on the wood shelf below. Also consider mixing your plates with glass stemware, mugs, and teapots to create a balanced shelf that is not too heavy and that is pretty to look at. While it depends on the nature of your collection, you may be able to throw in the mix some of your lighter personal keepsakes and knickknacks, as well. 

Assembly isn’t Required

The hutch itself is fully assembled, but keep in mind there are smaller items that need to be removed from the packaging before you set the cabinet upright. These items are the feet and the door key.

You will also find the glass shelves packed separately rather than mounted inside the hutch. Placing the shelves and the feet to their proper spots is the only assembling that you will need to do.

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Corner Hutch

Pros of this Corner Hutch

  • This Corner Hutch is elegant and practical at the same time, providing plenty of space for your items.
  • It is reasonably priced, and comes with a front-opening door and a 4-mode light.

Cons of this Corner Hutch

  • It is difficult to carry inside and unpack.
  • The cabinet is not 100% solid wood.


I love the utility of this cabinet. Regardless of the corner you choose to place it in, the cabinet will not look bulky; this is a timeless piece that can stand next to vintage or modern furniture without looking awkward at all. Some other Corner Hutches can be found online or in stores but I found most others were cheaply made and looked tacky at best. A Corner Hutch can be over done and look too good for your apartment but I personally would rather have a corner hutch that looks too niche rather than one which looks tacky.