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The Ideal Rustic Hutch for your Home

Finding the Ideal Rustic Hutch for Your Home

A Hutch is a great way to add storage and free up space in your home. But most hutches look plain and boring. With a rustic flair, you can find a hutch with the desired functionality and a look to kill for.

2 Drawer Rustic Wood Buffet w Hutch (Contoured Aspen)

Rustic Hutch

Hutches are a great addition to dining rooms and kitchens. Also, they are more popular as we speak. On the other side, there are models that are very expensive, so they are not always the best choice. Keep in mind that you can always get the more affordable models that offer the same features as those, expensive ones. In most cases you will get the same or similar level of build quality, same features and a great finish. Rustic Hutch is one of those items. Simply said, it should be taken into consideration if you are planning to get a new item of this type.



A lot of space in this Rustic Hutch

Probably the most important feature, this item has to offer is the space. You get 3 drawers and 2 glass doors. This is more than you get with similar products from the same price range. At the same time, these compartments are easy to reach, tee drawers have the latest closing features and they can be used for numerous items. A recommended use is for dishware that looks nice and should impress your friends and your guests. However, you can use it for any purpose you want.

The build quality of this Rustic Hutch

The quality of this item is at the highest levels. Simply said, there are no drawbacks, factory damages or anything that can ruin the look and the functionality of the item. At the same time, this item looks more expensive that it is. The glass, used for glassed compartments, is very resistant to breaking, so you don’t have to be extremely cautious when opening or closing the compartments. This applies to the wooden compartments as well. They are made from strong wood, so they can withstand rough use. On the other side the whole product is designed to be resistant to smaller damages.


Fully assembled Rustic Hutch

Some components of this item are pre-assembled. This means that you get them ready to install. This applies to buffet and hutch. You get them completely ready for the next step. On the other side, some parts have to be assembled, so you will have to spend additional time by doing this. A good thing is the fact the assembling process takes just a few minutes, so it is very simple and there are no issues that can make this process harder.

Adjustable shelves in this Rustic Hutch

The rustic hutch has two shelves. Both of them are fully adjustable, which makes this item even easier to use. The shelves can be adjusted to accommodate the higher, bigger or wider items. This is a useful addition that usually can be found on more expensive hutches. However, it makes this item perfect and much better than the competition.


The dimensions of this Rustic Hutch

The dimensions of this product are 56 x 21 x 83 inches and it weighs 263 pounds. Although, the weight looks like an issue, it proves that the product has been made from a real wood, and not from some cheap materials, so it is going to last for a long time. On the other side, the dimensions are not too big, so this hutch can be placed in smaller kitchens of dining rooms as well. However, due to the fact it has a modern and interesting design, it is designed for use in more elegant places, where your guests are going to be impressed with the look and functionality of this item.

The design of this Rustic Hutch

As you may know, design is important in any case and for any item. In this case, the situation is the same. A design has an important role in making some item better and more attractive than it actually is. The design of this product is based on the combination of the classic and the latest features. That’s why rustic hutch has a unique ability to look amazing no matter where you place it.It will look great in a small apartment and in the most expensive kitchen on the planet. It is a perfect choice if you like having items that can help you impress your guests. Similar products, with the same design characteristics are far more expensive.

2 Drawer Rustic Wood Buffet w Hutch (Contoured Aspen)

Pros of this Rustic Hutch:

  • It has been made from a real wood, so it offers the highest level of quality and it is durable. This item can last up to 100 years without any damage.
  • Great functionality. The shelves can be adjusted and you get 3 drawers and 2 doors (glass).
  • The glass, sued in this item is very resistant tot breaking, so it can withstand rough use.
  • Finish is amazing. This item looks great on any light and it is easy to maintain. On the other side the special layer of a strong chemical has been applied to the surface, so this item is resistant to scratches, hot temperatures and etc.
  • Most components are already assembled. Those that aren’t, require 30 minutes of your time to be assembled.
  • The dimensions are perfect for kitchens of different sizes.

Cons of this Rustic Hutch:

  • Although, the weight is related to high-quality, this item is heavy, so moving it around the apartment or a kitchen won’t be easy.
  • Adjustable shelves may be hard to adjust.


If you are looking for high-end hutch, the rustic hutch has to be on the list of possible choices. This item is made to last, so it comes with a great quality. Despite the fact it has been made in China, it is well-made and there are no issues. Even better, only the real wood has been used in the manufacturing process, so this item is the best deal you can get. Keep in mind that items made from the real wood last longer and they offer much better features. Despite all of these, the price is affordable, when you compare this item with similar products. Due to the fact it has no severe drawbacks, it can be treated as one of the best products of this type on the market. The fact it can be used anywhere you want it, makes this item even more desirable.