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Everything You Need to Know About How to Grow Tomatoes

Let’s Learn How To Grow Tomatoes

how to grow tomatoes

Well, are you growing your own tomatoes so that you can add this sweet a juicy vegetable (or is it a fruit??) to your garden AND table? Excellent choice! Tomato plants are toughies and are able to grow just about anywhere, they just need warmth and humidity (make sure their environment is damp, and you will be good to go). However, just like most veggies, or any kind of plant for that matter that produces fruit, tender loving care can help your tomatoes go far and grow nice and fat for years and years.

It is important to provide proper water, sunlight and most of all, patience. Heap these three ingredients together, and you will find yourself soon enough with a plant that is six feet tall and providing you with big fat tomatoes (or the size of cherries, if that is what you prefer). Just remember that tomatoes do take a long time to grow, so between sunlight, water and patience, patience is actually the most important ingredient! And with that, it is all you need to do to get started growing tomatoes. So let’s get started! Keep reading to learn How to Grow Tomatoes.


    • Purchase small tomato plants at a nursery and transfer the plants to a garden. Or, if you have experience in growing veggies, you might find it easy enough to start from seeds. If you choose to do this, start raising the seedlings on a sunny window sill or in a greenhouse for about one month before you plan on transferring them to a garden.

You should use fluorescent lights and other options of lights about five centimeters above the plant. Once the plant or plants are 15 to 25 centimeter tall, you can then transfer them to your garden when spring arrives, which will depend on where you live.


      • Don’t pay more for larger tomatoes when you purchase them. Unless you want catch up because you are starting late.


Choose a spot that provides a lot of sunshine for your plants, at least seven hours per day of healthy sunshine. Your plants will reward you for your kindness with tasty tomatoes.


      • Water your plants with 500 ml per day for the first ten days, but not from directly overhead, as this can bring about common plant diseases.


      • After ten days, water the plants less, unless rainfall is inadequate. The plants should receive 2.5 to 7.5 centimeters per week. Also, water deeply three to four times per week with two to three liters.


      • Use tomato stakes or cages to support your tomato plant as its vines get longer. Shake the cage gently every couple of days to encourage growth.


      • Watch for the fruit to ripen and be ready to be picked between 45 and 90 days….60 days is a good rule of thumb. You will know the time is right when the color of the fruit begins to change. Don’t leave the fruit hanging too long, as this risks the chance of the tomato becoming overripe and possibly soft, as well exposing it to hungry critters. However, the riper the tomatoes, the sweeter it will be, so there is no exact science.  But using these tips, you know How to Grow Tomatoes.