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How to Paint a House

How to Paint a House

So, you want to know how to paint a house, but aren’t sure how to go about it and are looking for tips on how to go about it? You have come to the right place! Keep reading to learn How to Paint a House.

How to Paint a House

If you want to give the exterior of your home a nice paint job, that certainly does not mean that you need to contract a professional company. In truth, with a few simple tools and the right process, this can be quite an easy do-it-yourself job, and you can get it down right the first time, creating a beautiful home whose color will last for many years.

And just what are those steps, you ask? Let’s have a look:

Getting ready to paint


First and foremost, right from the get-go, remove all possible items which might get in the way: mailboxes, planters, house numbers, light fixtures, outdoor furniture, shutters, etc. After that, make sure that you cover any items or bushes that cannot be taken out of the way- use special drop clothes for this. What’s more, you can also use drop clothes under the places where you will paint, to minimize paint splatter.


Second, make sure that you clean, fix and prime every single surface before beginning the project of painting the entire exterior of your house.

After the primer coat that you applied has dried and you have completed all preparations, then you are ready to really get down to business and do some serious painting.


Don’t forget to mix the paint in a thorough fashion beginning the job, and be sure to keep on stirring throughout the job.


For painting the house exterior, you may choose to use a roller, brush or, as most do, both. Using a roller can save you lots of time, yet there will be instances where you will need a brush to paint doors, corners and trim.


With a paintbrush


When you load up the paintbrush, make sure that you immerse the first third of it into the can and simply tap it softly against the inside edge of the can. DO NOT drag the brush across the mouth of the can.


As you apply paint, be sure to use smooth and long strokes. When painting clapboards, be careful not to let paint accumulate horizontally along the edge. Make sure that you use oil-based house paints forward and backward to ensure an even, well-spread coat.


However, paints with a latex base need less brushing. This is because they quickly dry and thus brushing too much may leave deep marks in the film. Be sure to use a generous amount of paint with only a couple of strokes when painting with latex paints.


With a roller


Using a roller to paint is a good idea when working with a surface that is very porous, like stucco or masonry. Although they are not ideal for painting corners, they are great for flat surfaces.


When using a paint roller, always dip the roller into the tray of paint and roll it forward and backward, making sure that it does not drip. Be sure to always use even, long strokes, changing the direction in which you paint as you go.


Finishing with the trim


Last but not least, you should finish with the trim. Start by doing the door paneling and window sash, and then move move on to the door trim, window sills, frames. If any paint gets onto the putty line of the window, this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it will actually protect the surface against water. If you want to make a clean edge, just scrape any extra paint with a blade from a razor. If possible, remove any shutters and paint them individually, replacing them after the rest of the project is completed.


And finally, sit back and enjoy the masterpiece that you have created! Now you know How to Paint a House