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Home Improvement Tips: Best Backyard Deck Ideas

Our Best Backyard Deck Ideas

Backyard Deck Ideas

Wondering how to transform your house into something more modern yet relaxing and comforting? Do you want to make the most of every part of your house, including your backyard?

Home improvement is the direction many individuals and families would love to take in these recent times. There have been a lot of ideas for redecorating and renovating different parts of a house such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and patios. One that should never be neglected though, even if it is hidden by most visitors and passersby is the backyard.

The backyard is a private space that individuals and families could take advantage of. It is the best hideaway that one could make the most of to get a wonderful view of the mountains, trees, or bodies of water. If there are no views around it, is a perfect opportunity for people to create one and unleash their skill or talent in creating pots of flowers and plants.

Best Backyard Deck Ideas

How to make the backyard as an important extension of the house?
Create decks, and the view at the back of the house will never be old, rugged, or boring. Decks could be created with the use of wood, and anyone could accomplish this task easily or conveniently.

How to create the best backyard possible?

It is very important for people to picture first what type of deck design they would like to have in their backyard. One could not just resort to a flatlay design since there are a lot of modern and creative backyard deck ideas to choose from. Here are the top ten ideas for backyard deck designs that anyone could choose from.

Outdoor sitting area plus spa

Families could take advantage of their private outdoor space by creating a unique sitting area and spa. Chairs and other furniture should be designed perfectly for spa centers. This type of furniture is usually made of rattan materials. One should also choose an L-shape design for their deck, so the shorter side could be utilized for soaking in a bathtub. The longer side of the deck could be allotted for a serene and comforting sitting space. Then, people could do their manicure, pedicure, foot spa, home spa, etc.

Privacy screen

Do you feel like wanting to have a vacation far from the city but could not do so because of your work or business schedule? You could still do this by creating a privacy screen in your backyard. This is one of the best backyard deck ideas for small houses or spaces because the outdoor area could be enclosed with wooden panels. Then, one or two horizontal or tall trees could be put at different corners in the enclosed backyard. Some vines of flowers and plants could also be hanged on the area, so anyone could just stay, read some books, watch some stars, or meditate and do yoga.

Stone Deck

This design is similar to terrace designs in many houses, but it definitely has a difference. The main floor can be filled with multi-colored slate tiles, and the stairs could be made with a rich, mahogany coloured hardwood. Two reclining chairs could be placed on this backyard deck space, as well as a small table to place the lemon juices or smoothies. With this area, one could enjoy fresh air and sunlight in the morning or in the late afternoon.

Small home solution

Do you own a very small home in your community? Make this limitation as an opportunity for you to utilize outdoor space. A deck could serve as one of the best extensions of a house, and it could be designed with a three-step transition to your garden. It will surprise a lot of family members and guests or visitors as it dramatically guides individuals to sit for a while outside and step further to enjoy the garden or nature that surrounds your house.

Backyard deck slope

Is your house located in a house with a sloped area at the back? This could be dangerous, especially for children and old ones as a simple slip could let them end down to the bottom of a river or a land. One of the smart backyard deck ideas has been designed to transform a slope into an inviting destination. Creating a small deck is very easy, and some wall holds could be added to refrain family members from going further. Wooden materials are the best options, and a small dining area could also be added to make a perfect outdoor dining experience.

Outdoor playroom

This is very functional for families with small houses as well. If their house is aligned with many other houses but still has a small exterior portion to make the most of, it could be designed with some wicker chairs, wooden tables, and pots of flowers. Children could play in this area safely and comfortably. Adults could also enjoy staying in the area and enjoy nature as the space doesn’t have to be covered with roofs.

Outdoor lounge

This is perfect for summer season. The new deck could perfectly extend a living room by placing some sofa and table on it. A sliding glass door could separate and combine the two spaces perfectly. To add a touch of glamour to the outdoor lounge, individuals may choose neutral-coloured furniture and then add some colorful accessories such as pillows and vases of flowers. A white lamp will also help a lot in brightening the outdoor during the day and at night.

Outdoor deck bar

A unique twist on a backyard can be easily translated or created by having an outdoor deck bar. To complement with the flatlay deck in a backyard, a serving counter or a buffet table should fit perfectly. Some square cabinets could be utilized as chairs or storage boxes. Couples or families that comprise mostly of adults could enjoy walking and sitting down on the area perfectly.