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Foundation Crack Repair: Always Plan Ahead and Be Ready

Everyone knows that the foundation is the most basic and most important component in any building, and if damaged you need Foundation Crack Repair. It is the most important no matter how small or big, how short or tall the building is. Be it a home, a tower or a massive structure. Having the right building foundation will save you in the long run. It would hold up a massive tower in a long term. This is the key to having a stable and steady building that would solidly stay put for many, many years.

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair

Building foundations can be built in a number of ways.  The most common way to build a foundation is the use of cement and concrete blocks. A majority of homes across the globe has used this method in building up their foundations. This is due to the fact that it is inexpensive and the supply for this is always available. So all in all, not only is it affordable, it is also quality assured due to its upholding stability.


Foundation Categories

As mentioned earlier, there are dozens of types of foundations but these foundations are divided into two categories; deep foundations and shallow foundations. The words used (shallow and deep), refer to the soil depth wherein one plans on laying out the building foundation.

  • Shallow Foundations – these foundations are used only for light or small buildings under construction. They are also referred to as open footings or spread footings. The word “open” means that the foundations are made by firstly excavating all the soil and earth until the bottom of the footing before constructing the actual footing. The entire footing is visible during the preliminary stages that is why it is referred to as being an “open footing foundation.” There are three kinds of shallow foundations; individual footings, raft foundations and strip footings.


  1. Individual Footings – this is one of the most commonly used type of foundations. This simple type of foundation is used when the building load is being carried by columns or pillars. The pillars or columns have their own footing. Hence the term, individual footing. The footing is simply a small patch in the shape of a rectangle or square, wide enough to support the width of the pillar or column.
  2. Raft Foundations – also referred to as Mat Foundations are commonly used when the home owner plans on building a basement area. The load of the building is evenly spread over the entire footprint of the building. The term “raft” is symbolic because the building in turn looks like a boat floating.
  3. Strip Footings – this is commonly used when building heavy loaded buildings. This footing acts as a strip that could support an entire wall. It is “stripped on” to support walls and to carry heavy loads.



  • Deep Foundations – these foundations, on the other hand, are used for heavy and large buildings. These are foundations that penetrate the soil or the earth to make it a secure and stable site for the upcoming heavy building construction. There are several types of deep foundations but they only have one common function; to stay rooted to the ground.

Cracks and Leaks

It was mentioned that the foundation is the building source of stability and steadiness. So without the foundation, there is no building. It is one factor that helps keep the building standing. So, what happens if something happens to the foundation? Like maybe, what if it acquires leaks or even cracks? There are solutions to building problems like this. You would have to think in advance when setting up a new building.

Think about the foundation layout, what foundation crack repair could you possibly due if ever you do acquire some cracks here and there? Finding and executing these said solutions would surely help you breathe easier. So, how does one do so? Foundation crack repair is a simple procedure that can be done.

Foundations are solid concrete and are rigid. They tend to grow old and crack over time. When cracks start to appear, you should never ignore them. These cracks are easily identifiable and may appear on the floor foundation or the wall foundations. If ignored, a crack slowly widens over time and would result in leakage and maybe even worst, a problem in the buildings whole structure. Foundations are what keeps a building standing, so the sooner you find a foundation crack repair solution, the better.

Luckily, there are easy ways to have permanent foundation crack repair. You can fix cracks yourself and save yourself a lot of money. There are products with easy to read instructions that could be applied to patch up any old crack in the floor or wall. This can also be completed in a short period of time; probably simply an hour or more. This products come in a ready-made kit complete with a list of instructions.

If you prefer not to do any work yourself, you could always call in a professional to do the job for you. It would cause you a bit of money, but at least the work would be expertly handled and well-polished.

This is applicable to large building and to our homes. When it comes to our homes, there are bound to be cracks that would appear along with the creaking of the floorboards. In due time, you would start to notice little cracks appearing on the basement floor or even the wall. You shouldn’t be alarmed at this stage but it the cracks suddenly double in size, which is when you start to worry. Ignoring a case like this could cause you and your home. If it gets any bigger, it would affect the buildings stability. You would not only wreck your home, but you would be inviting cases of unwanted accidents or damages to happen.

It is always good to be safe and ready for this kinds of situations. Always plan ahead and always be ready. Always make sure that what you’re doing is right.