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Drought Tolerant Grass

The Best Drought Tolerant Grass


Drought Tolerant Grass

For every loco who is absolutely determined to grow a green yard, with dreams of  laying down on a nice lush carpet of grass, on which your children and pets can play around on, it is still important to remember that you can’t just plant bluegrass, which is a very thirsty kind of grass and is what most U.S.  lawns are made of. You just can’t do it, unless you get plenty of rainfall where you live; sweet and simple. Keep reading to pick from the best Drought Tolerant Grass.

Believe it or not, more than 50,000 square miles of the U.S. is covered by grass(!). What’s more, all that  grass is responsible for 33% of all  water usage in the country.

Yet a beautiful lush green lawn doesn’t have to be impossible just because you don’t get enough rainfall where you live- there are plenty of options for choosing a drought-tolerant grass.

This of course, depends on where you reside. Some cities and towns, for instance, require a special kind of turf grass which has the capability to lay dormant during he summer months, because they can get by with little or no water for long periods of time

Here are a list of particularly appealing Drought Tolerant Grass options:


Zoysia grass

Here you have a grass type that is very flexible, and is a big fan of the shade, as well as sunshine. Zoysia is rather slow to grow, yet has no problem when you need a grass that can withstand lots of traffic. Best of all, the carpet that it produces is always lush.  The kinds which are mos resistant to drought?  El Toro, Palisades, Empire and Jamur.


Bermuda grass

This grass just loves to get plenty of sun  really pleases when u water it well. It can tolerate traffic pretty well,yet you do need to mow it a lot. Most varieties of this grass are resistant to drought.  Having said that, this grass does grow bedder in southern zones where it is more sub-tropical.


St. Augustine grass

the best kind of this grass, because it is quite drought-tolerant, is Floratam. However it does prefer plenty of shade, so you would do best to have several trees in the yard to shade this grass.


Buffalo grass

A native of the Midwest, this prairie  grass requires a lot of sun but yet isn’t so resistant to traffic. However, it does tolerate the cold well. It doesn’t need a lot of rain and it is also grows slowly. Almost every type is drought-tolerant.


Bahia grass

This kind of grass is not a bad choice at all, when it comes to soil that is infertile. Ir will grow course yet give you a thick covering. However, it doesn’t like traffic very much. Fescues you find this kind of grass usually more in climes to the north. Very effective at absorbing water immediately after a drought.


So there you have it- a nice long list of drought-resistant grass which will have your lawn looking lush and green in no time at all. What are you waiting for? Get seeding now! Pick the right kind of Drought Tolerant Grass to have a beautiful lawn year round.