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Building a Beautiful Home with a Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio


Ever wondered if a stamped concrete patio would suit your budget needs? How about other patio design ideas?

As a homeowner, some of these questions would likely to come up, most especially when you observed and check other neighborhoods’ awesome patio designs and structure. A stamped concrete patio would definitely give you a gorgeous look and a texture of a stone patio that is a lot less than the cost of a real one.
What is this stamped concrete patio which is popular as a design these days?

Aside from being cheaper (which also gains popularity), it is a known type floor patio design where it has an embossed surfaced and texture. The contractor who creates them, uses concrete slabs and presses patterns (unique and stony ones) while it is still wet. The contractor also adds more color to help it look like realistic and sprays a lot of chemicals to help stand out and become durable for other weather damages.
Since many use these stamped concrete designs, many also mimic these limestones like brick, cracked earth, weathered wood and even cobblestones, as part of its creativity.


More Ideas upon Creating Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio

Since it is a known mimic type of concrete patio, the patterns by the way are being made with a use of large and flexible polyurethane stamps, and these stamps are the ones that are being used to press and embossed the created design or textures over the still wet concrete on the patio floor. Since putting a lot of design on a stone requires a lot of chemical stuff to maintain its quality over the years, creating such designs are never easy. As you can see, before these stamps are being placed on the concrete, the contractor sprays a releasing agent to help prevent the concrete from sticking into the stamp, but leaving the marks or an embossed design behind not ruining the stamp nor the design.
To add more great effect, using colored release agents helps accents the grout lines, cracks and giving off a finished antique look and helps enhances its realistic “look”. Another great innovation of having stamped designs is that they align perfectly thanks to the stamps interlocking tabs.

A quick price comparison

On stamped concrete patio cost, there are actually many things to be reconsidered. First is in checking and comparing it first from other popular designs that are being used commonly in a home. Normally a brick costs an average of $14-$20 per sq. ft. , while a plain concrete gives an average of $6-$12, while a marble, slate or stone costs $17-$28 and concrete pavers for $13-$20. A stamped concrete costs designs up to $10-$15 per square foot, which is again a very reasonable price, and professionally installed for that matter. Many expensive one offer a great design but over the time, it will likely to fade due to time worn.

Is it possible to add a newer stamped to an existing patio slab?

Definitely you can, as long as the slab is still in a very good condition. Many contractors are actually offering a free assessment on your patio, just in case you are interested in adding a stamped finish on to your new home, anytime.

Finding the Right Concrete Patios Contractor the Right Way

A patio that is well maintained gives the impression that it is properly taken care of by its homeowners and also reflects the standards of those living within the property. Other than that, it gives a better appearance to the overall design of the house, thus allowing it to look more inviting to the guests and neighbors alike. The thing is, maintaining a patio is not something that can be achieved in a quick and easy way. That is why; you need to hire the services of a reliable contractor that can give your patio a more amazing and inviting look. Listed below are some factors to consider:

Quality of their service

Needless to say, you want your patios to look amazing and inviting; at the same time can withstand the test of time. That is why; you need to look for a concrete patios contractor that can give you that. Since durability is a main concern, you should find out if a particular contractor can give you services that you can surely enjoy for the many years to come.

Price range

The best service is when you can get more than what you paid for. In terms of looking for the right patio contractor, you should also consider the prices offered to you depending on the service you are looking for. This will definitely help you a lot in saving a lot of money in the long run. Other than that, you should go for a contractor that can work within your budget while still maintaining the quality of their work in the process.
Decorating and improving the look of your home is essential, as it reflects who you are as a person. It is also a form of investment, since this kind of property may be passed on to future generations. If you want your house to last, see to it that it gets the maintenance it needs. Do not just focus on the interiors; make sure that your exteriors are also well maintained. Your patio might be a neglected part of the house, but if designed well, it can add up to the overall aesthetics. You may be surprised of the impact a patio makes to the overall look of the house.

What is your option?

The best option you can take is to look for a reliable contractor which can offer you both quality and affordability at the same time. Always look for one which has been in the industry for several years already and knows the ins and outs of such business. After all, what you are after is a patio which can surely last throughout the ages, so make sure you only go for the best contractor as well.