The Basic Facts, Information, and Review of Different Trailer Tool Boxes

Many different benefits can be reaped from a trailer tongue tool box. People can enjoy extra storage space along with a long list of other perks. These items are a real investment because they are versatile and built to last the test of time. Trailer tongue tool boxes are great for storing tools and other important items. They are used on a daily basis by numerous people across the nation and across the globe. Your entire family or work crew can all benefit greatly by your trailer tongue box for tools. A trailer tool box is an item that people will definitely get a lot of use from. There truly has never been a better time to purchase one of these items for your very own. They can be made from a wide array of different materials. With all of the numerous customization options, finding the right trailer tongue box to suit your needs and budget won’t be as challenging as one might think.

There is a huge inventory of trailer tongue tool boxes. On the other hand, not all trailer tool boxes are created equally. Many brands are better than others. Plenty of boxes for trailer tongues are on the market to purchase, but some models are better than others. Three models stand out among the crowd as top choices when it comes to a trailer tool box purchase. The Better Built Trailer Tongue Tool Box, Black, the UWS TBV-34-LP 34″ Low Profile Trailer Box with Beveled Insulated Lid, and the Lund/Tradesman 16-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box, Diamond Plated, Black are some of the top models when it comes to tongue trailer tool boxes. Each model offers a unique list of features that are some of the most sought after perks that shoppers are looking for.

There are tons of different features that people look for when attempting to buy a trailer tongue box. A number of different factors should be considered before making this extremely important purchase. Color, functionality, practicability, and size are all important things to consider. Other important factors to keep in mind when purchasing a tool box tongue trailer is price, durability, and whether or not the product comes with a warranty or money back guarantee. Practicing smart shopping is the best possible way to get a great tool box without overpaying. Compare and contrast the three most popular models in order to get an idea of how exciting the features really are. Shop around in many different places both online and in local stores to find the lowest price on the highest quality trailer tool boxes with tongues.

  1. Better Built Trailer Tongue Tool Box, Black

The trailer tongue tool box from Better Built is one of the top choices when it comes to these items. It is fantastic for storing wheel chocks, tie downs, and other items that people need for towing and other activities. The sleek black color has an eye catching appeal that is stylish and modern. It is a nearly perfection addition to any trailer no matter what make, model, or year. Its versatility makes it an ideal model that has great all around reviews across the board.

Features, Delights and Perks

It is made with top quality aluminum which means that it will never under any circumstances begin to rust. This is one of the main reasons why this model is so popular. That and the fact that it fits just about any trailer. These perks are just the beginning of what this amazing model has to offer. Its model number is 66100148. It is just sixteen and a half inches wide and twelve inches in height. It thirty nine inches in depth. It is easy to open with a single hand because it has a shock that is automatically lifted. The trailer tongue box has plenty of storage for small parts that can be secured with the locking padded latch.

High Quality Craftsmanship Trailer Tongue Box from Better Built

This is one trailer box tongue that everyone should own. It adds style to any trailer and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors. It has excessive amounts of storage that make it a great item for busy people on the go. For professional or private use, this product is definitely a prime choice. It is affordable and has high reviews from people whom have actually purchased and used the product. It can be purchased in both local stores and online. It costs less than one hundred fifty dollars which only adds to its appeal. Not many other high quality tool boxes can compare to this extremely outstanding model.

Product Specifications

The specifications of this model are listed below. This information is important to have picking out a trailer tool box. Being educated about the specifications and features of the trailer tongue box can help consumers make an informative choice.

  • Depth – Thirty nine inches
  • Height – Twelve inches
  • Width – Sixteen and a half inches
  • One compartment
  • Weighs about eighteen pounds
  • Contains one latch to secure items
  • Returnable ninety day money back guarantee
  • Single lid
  • Made from aluminum
  • Product warranty guarantee last for one year from the manufacturer


  • The product is lightweight, but still heavy duty enough for even the toughest of tasks.
  • It is compatible with many different kinds of trailers.
  • It is versatile, sleek, and has a beautiful design.
  • It contains plenty of storage space for items.
  • It is extremely budget friendly.
  • It is easy to install with the instructional guide included with the purchase of the product.
  • It is very functional and truly an investment.


There are not a lot of cons associated with this model of trailer tool box. However, no product is perfect. The following is a list of cons associated with this particular model.

  • It only contains one security latch.
  • It is not safe to store flammable materials, such as gasoline, in the tool box.
  • It is spacious, but other models are known to provide more storage space.


All in all, this model is a prime candidate for purchase. In fact, it stands out as one of the most highly rated trailer tongue box. It is stylish, it is functional, and it is affordable for just about anyone’s budget. This trailer tool box has high marks all across the board. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the plentiful benefits this outstanding item that is truly a force to be reckoned with. Not many other models can even begin to compare to this individual model. This is one of the most highly rated and most popular models on the market. It is easy to see why with all of the fantastic benefits it provides. It is a bit more expensive than other models, but it is worth every single penny because of its outstanding craftsmanship and high quality material.


  1. UWS TBV-34-LP 34″ Low Profile Trailer Box with Beveled Insulated Lid

UWS is well known for providing top of the line products made with the highest quality materials. The UWS TBV-34-LP 34″ Low Profile Trailer Box with Beveled Insulated Lid is no different. It has tons of features and perks that users have fallen in love with. It provides numerous benefits to users that make buying a tool box for a trailer a true investment. This model is currently available for just over three hundred dollars which makes it extremely budget friendly. It has an easy installation process that is stress and hassle free. This model is ideal for a wide variety of people. The item is available in many different colors, but the most common color option offered is black. It is an ideal option when it comes to trailer attachments like toll boxes. A full warranty from the manufacturer is included with purchase. This allows consumers to rest easy knowing they have a warranty just in case problems with the trailer box occurs.

Features, Delights, and Extra Perks

The UWS TBV-34-LP 34″ Low Profile Trailer Box with Beveled Insulated Lid is a great option that offers a boat load of features that users are sure to love. It fits just about any type, model, and size of trailer. This is one of the features that users love most about this product besides the affordable price. It is lightweight, but still tough enough to handle many different types of tasks. There is tons of space for storage like straps, tools, or wood chocks. Is has a sleek modern design that is easy on the eyes while the price is easy on the wallet. The thick high quality materials will not rust. It makes a beautiful and functional addition to lots of different trailers. There truly has never been a better time to purchase this model because of the low price. It is available in local stores and online.

Product Specifications

It is vital to know the specifications of any product that you purchase. It is even more important to factor in the specifications of the UWS TBV-34-LP 34″ Low Profile Trailer Box with Beveled Insulated Lid. The following is a comprehensive list of all the specifications consumers need to know before making a final decision regarding which trailer tongue box for tools to buy.

  • This product weighs approximately thirteen pounds and two ounces.
  • It is made in the United States of America.
  • It has a half inch of foam to add extra insulation.
  • The dimensions of the product are thirty seven by twenty eight by thirteen.
  • Manufacturer warranty must be obtained through the customer service and support team.


There are tons of different benefits, perks, and pros associated with this particular type of trailer box. The following is a list of the most common pros associated with buying this low profile box for a trailer.

  • The lid is completely insulated which keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. This is an extra perk because it prevents important items from freezing during the winter and times of cold weather. This also prevents tools from becoming rusty due to condensation.
  • It is extremely affordable.
  • A full comprehensive one year full warranty is included with purchase.
  • The assembly process is easy. An instructional guide with pictures is included to make the assembly process even faster and simpler than ever before. If customers experience problems, they can always contact the manufacturer to obtain help.
  • The organization compartments are large and provide impressive space for storage.
  • It is a low profile box that fits just about any trailer there is.
  • It has a great design that is not only appeasing to the eye. It is also functional.
  • It is a practical addition to any trailer.
  • The trailer box is made with high quality materials to help the item endure the test of time even in the toughest conditions. It absolutely will not rust. This is one of the things that people love most about it besides the price.


There are not a lot of cons associated with this product. However, even the best products experience a few drawbacks from time to time. The following is the small list of cons associated with the UWS low profile trailer box that has a beveled lid.

  • It is complicated to make a claim to take advantage of the warranty.
  • The box does not fit every single trailer. Users will have to check with their manual in order to see if the trailer box is the right fit.
  • While the assembly process is easy, it can time a bit of time to figure out how to properly install the item.
  • It only has a three star review on Amazon.
  • While it does provide a lot of storage space, if it provided more depth it would be ideal.
  • The lid is beveled, but can come apart.
  • It is insulated, but only just a bit.


This product is a great choice for a wide variety of people. However, some consumers may want more storage space and a higher rated product. The major bummer associated with this model is that it does not fit all trailers. On the other hand, it does fit many different trailer models. It is a tie when it comes to pros versus cons. This product is right for most people, but consumers should investigate their options to ensure that this particular model is right for their specific needs. This model gets the job done with style and grace. It is offered by numerous outlets at a reasonable price for such a finely made product. It has high rated reviews from real consumers whom have actually used this particular product. Do not delay in purchasing one of these models for your very own. It is an investment because you will get tons of use out of it.

  1. Lund/Tradesman 16-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box, Diamond Plated, Black

This model has a low profile that is made out of reliable aluminum. It has a diamond pattern shape and is made from one of the most well known companies in the world. It has a four and a half star rating review on Amazon. It can be purchased both online and in local stores at extremely affordable prices. This model is known to last the test of time due to it being made with refined craftsmanship and superb materials. The diamond pattern material is approximately six one hundredths of an inch. It can be attached to many different trailer box models. The diamond trend pattern is not at all tacky. Instead, it looks prime, clean cut, and tough. It adds a lot of style to trailers and is visually appealing. The material it is made out of is scratch less. It is nearly impossible to scratch up the diamond trend material. This means that your tongue truck tool box will always look to be in great condition no matter how old it is.

Features, Delights and Perks

There are a lot of different features about this product that make it a great choice. It is one hundred percent resistant to rust which makes it a prime choice when it comes to these products. It has an inside flat bed for added convenience. An impressive lifetime warranty is included free of charge with the purchase of this model. Any defects in manufacturer or with the materials of the product are completely covered. It protects contents inside from the elements. The tread diamond finish is not just reliable and protective. It also adds visual appeal to the trailer. It does not just work well. It looks good while handling any task you throw at it. Other great features include the locking mechanism and protective covering. The locking mechanism is strong and secure. It has a single latch, but provides a great amount of safety and security to owners.

Product Specifications

  • It is a sixty inch cross bed with a low profile.
  • It requires a small amount of assembly.
  • It is sixty inches long.
  • It stands at approximately twenty and a half inches tall.
  • This model is roughly eleven inches in height.
  • Chrome, black, and other colors are all offered with this unique model of trailer tongue boxes.
  • It weighs around twenty pounds.
  • It has a latch that can be locked.
  • It has an outer covering that makes it scratch resistant.


  • It is extremely affordable even for people with the lowest budgets. It can cost between two hundred and three hundred dollars.
  • This truck trailer box is securely packaged so that no damage occurs during shipping.
  • It provides excessive storage room and organizational sections.
  • Both a comprehensive instructional manual and owner’s manual are included to make assembly easy. In fact, assembly is extremely quick.
  • This model comes from a widely trusted brand that proudly stands behind their products.
  • It has a stylish sleek design that looks great with all different types of trailers.
  • The model can fit a wide variety of trailers.


There are not a lot of cons associated with this product, but not every model is perfect. This model does have some drawbacks as do most trailer boxes. This model is not one hundred percent ideal, but it does have a lot of potential that should not be overlooked.

  • It requires assembly.
  • The storage space could be larger.
  • Some users have experienced mechanical issues and have had to return their model to get a replacement.
  • The instruction manual is in small fine print that is a bit difficult to read even if pictures are included.


The Lund/Tradesman 16-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box is a great model for many different kinds of jobs and consumers. It can handle tough tasks and may be possibly the toughest and most reliable truck box on the market. It is easy to install and extremely budget friendly. While this product is not perfect, it is a decent tongue trailer box that does not break the bank. It manages to provide style, storage space, and security to any trailer. There has never been an easier time to purchase this one a kind outstanding trailer tool box because it is exceptionally amazing. This model has a lot of great things about it, but it does have some things that consumers may consider to be a deal breaker. All in all, it is a decent model that consumers have highly reviewed.


Popular Roll Top Desks from Ashley Furniture and Wilshire Furniture

There are a lot of benefits that one can enjoy when they decide to buy a roll top computer desk. It gives people the work space they need to complete important tasks. Desks are an investment because people get so much use from a desk. It is a great place to study or to catch up on work outside of the office. Having a space to complete important tasks or to study can be a great advantage for the entire family. Locating a roll top desk for sale could be the best thing you ever purchased.

Top Roll Top Desks

There is a wide selection of roll top desk for sale to choose from. However, some models are better than others. Not all desks are created equal. There are plenty of roll top desks for sale, but there are two models that stand out more than the other. The first model is the 57″; Wood Rolltop Desk. The second desk is the Home Office Secretary Desk. Each model has its own unique perks, benefits, and cons that will be examined.

There are a lot of different things that people look for when shopping for a roll top computer desk or small roll top writing desk. Roll top desks are somewhat old fashioned. They have been in use for hundreds of years. The roll top is lifted up and works somewhat like a garage door. When the door is open, there is storage space inside. By having a roll top desk, users are able to secure their computer or files without worrying about anyone else bothering them.



This is an ideal option for people with children or those who worry about security and privacy. Most roll top desks are made from hardwoods like cherry or oak. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this desk because it is made of such high quality materials and is available at the lowest prices ever. While it may be a bit more expensive than other desk models, it is worth every penny. This is the kind of desk that you can be proud to pass down your family line as an heirloom. The desk already looks like an antique. It can last long enough to officially become an antique. The KZAA226 is stylish, practical, and an addition to the home that actually adds value.

Your Dreams is now here

A roll top writing desk can be the best thing that an aspiring writer should have. A roll top writing desk is perfect for students at home and for college students in their dorms. You may not think that you have the room for a top of the line roll top desk. However, you just might be surprised by the wide variety of sizes available to choose from. The best model currently being offered is the fifty seven inch wood roll top desk. It may seem like a big desk for a dorm or a home office, but that simply is not the case. While the KZA226 wooden roll top desk is a spacious desk, it can fit in many different areas. It is great for the home office. It is even a great option for your office at work. It makes a great roll top secretary desk for your assistant at work. The handles need to be assembled. The legs and drawers of the desk also require a small amount of assembly.

Made from oak

It is made out of solid oak. Oak is a hardwood that many fine antique roll top desks are made of. Desks are made of these fine hardwoods because oak furniture has the potential to last for a long period of time. This desk is definitely a desk that will last. The KZA226 is not an antique roll top desk. However, it has the visual appeal and appearance of an antique. It has an old school design, but has a modern layout for extra added convenience. This desk is made by Wilshire Furniture whom has a long history of providing the best possible products at the most affordable prices. Wilshire Furniture takes a great amount of pride in providing their customers with nothing but the very best.  There is very little assembly required, but a few tools are needed to put the desk together. It is not difficult if the instructions are followed properly. The desk is shipped in a lot of packaging. It is great because it keeps the desk safe during the shipping process. However, it is difficult to open the packaging. Plus, there are a lot of things to pick up and throw in the trash after unwrapping the desk.

Dark Stain Finish

This highly review and rated desk has a dark stain finish that is nothing short of extraordinary. Amazon offers incredible assembly services that allow consumers to purchase the desk and not even have to worry about putting it together. The process of putting it together is not the least bit difficult. It simply takes a short amount of time and a little bit of patience. Using the instructional guide is highly suggested in order to have your desk completely assembled. Buyers will be in awe of the refined beauty of this truly one of a kind roll top desk.

Free shipping options are also included with the purchase of the desk. That is a much appreciated added value. This is an elegant desk that is not just gorgeous, but also very functional and spacious. The amount of storage space is simply out of this world. There are not a lot of negative things that can be said about this particular desk model. It is easy on the eyes. It is extremely spacious. It is beautiful. The only con associated with this product is that it can be too heavy for some people to move once it is assembled.

Quality Craftsmanship

Purchasing a roll top desk is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. Not just any desk is going to cut it when you have something specific in mind. Quality, craftsmanship, budget, and features are all vital things to consider when purchasing roll top desks. There are a lot of different options when it comes to desks that roll. One of the most highly recommended and highly reviewed roll top desks is the fifty seven inch wood roll top desk KZA226. A lot of thought needs to go into purchasing a roll top desk.

Product Features and Delights

There are approximately fourteen drawers of different sizes. There are file cabinets along with space to store office items. Both letter and legal size documents are accommodated with this unique roll top computer desk. There are approximately four large drawers for accessories and storage. Each storage drawer and file cabinet has a gorgeously designed handle that is easy to grip. The model weighs roughly three hundred fifty pounds. The product features an extensive lifetime warranty that not many other models have. The warranty ensures that if cared for properly, the desk will last the test of time. The KZA226 desk from Wilshire Furniture has a finish that is called Country Cherry. With four accessory drawers and two file drawers, there is plenty of space to take advantage of. The metal slides are securely attached. The metal slides have ball bearings. Secretary pull out is also offered with this unique desk model. While the KZA226 from Wilshire Furniture is one of a kind, it can be a bit large for the tastes of some.

Wood Roll Top Desk Specifications

  • The fifty seven inch wood roll top desk KZA226 is a great option for a wide variety of reasons. It is priced at less than two thousand dollars. That price is an extremely good deal when consumers consider the high quality materials and craftsmanship that is put into the desk.
  • It is made with hardwood solids that are very easy on the eyes. The roll top computer desk comes ready to assemble. Easy to follow instructions are included so that it is simple to get the desk set up.
  • The veneer construction makes a fantastic addition to any home. The wide amount of storage space makes this model an ideal addition to the home or the office. This roll top secretary desk is stylish and reliable.
  • It only weighs roughly eighty to ninety pounds.
  • There are multiple compartments for storing all sorts of different home office supplies such as legal documents and file holders.
  • It is large enough to allow ample room to move around while still managing to work efficiently.

Pros and Cons: The Best and Worst of the KZA226 Wooden Desk

  • The desk is durable and made of veneer hardwood. It is solid and strong.
  • The desk can be too heavy for some people’s liking.
  • The desk is somewhat expensive.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is hard to move from room to room.
  • The desk has lot of places to store a wide variety of things besides home office supplies.
  • The wooden desk can take up a lot of room.
  • When shipped, the desk is so well packaged that it can be somewhat difficult to get open.
  • It can be purchased both in stores and online.
  • It is practical, beautiful, and functional.
  • The desk requires very little assembly. Instructional guides with pictures are included to help aid in the assembly process.
  • It is easy to clean, but needs to only have certain cleaning products applied to it. Otherwise, the integrity of the stain and the wood could be compromised.


The KZA226 is a fantastic roll top desk that has all the features that one could possibly want out of a desk. It is spacious and stylish. It is made with long lasting materials. There are very few cons associated with this particular desk. One thing that people might not like is the fact that this model of desk is extremely heavy. There are not a lot of bad things that can be said about this particular desk. There are a lot of perks and benefits associated with this specific desk. In fact, there are tons of things to love about it. It is a highly rated and recommended product that is a  must have furniture item in everyone’s home.  The KZA226 is an outstanding desk with a roll top. Other desks with roll tops are jealous of the KZA226 desk’s style and class. While the desk does have some drawbacks, the benefits definitely outweigh the cons.



Ashley Furniture has recently developed a new home office secretary desk that is also perfect for a home office. Ashley Furniture is a well known company that has been in the furniture business for many years. They have a long history of providing a wide selection of elegant furniture at affordable budget friendly prices. The B0049M6T3M could be the best desk that Ashley Furniture has released in a long time. It is the ideal desk option for anyone who is short on space. It fits well in dining rooms, bedrooms, and any other area that you can think of. It is a beautiful deep brown that is delightful to the eyes. The desk would nicely match any décor regardless of color or pattern.

Sleek and modern design

It has a rich deep brown cherry finished stain that makes it look like an antique. However, it has a sleek, modern, compact design. This small desk is made from delicately selected reliable veneers and hardwoods of the highest possible quality. The pencil tray is compartmentalized conveniently located in the utility drawer that provides tons of space for storage of all kinds of different items. It is the best space saving desk currently available on the market. It is more lightweight than other models. It is not just elegant. It is practical.

Organization Made Easy with the New Roll Top Desk from Ashley Furniture

This desk is highly recommended by those whom have purchased it. There is a larger size model of the desk available, but the small version is by far the most popular. The larger model is a bit more expensive. Both models are nothing short of gorgeous. The desk has hardware that is made of brass and have an antique style. There is only a small amount of assembly required. The multiple storage compartments are a much loved feature that is definitely one of the most impressive. Organization will never be a problem again with this awesome desk helping keeping people organized. Even though the desk is small it provides a considerable amount of storage space. It can even provide plenty of room for a computer without cramping the user. There are inserts included that users can decide what level they would like for them to be placed. It is large enough to fit a seventeen inch laptop inside with ample space. It is big enough to not only use a laptop at, but it is also big enough to actually store a laptop of up to seventeen inches. Larger laptops may fit, but space may be limited. There is a letter tray that can be used for mail, bills, or other important documents. The inside pigeon holes and small petite drawers are another perk that is highly rated. The packaging of the product during the shipping process keeps it completely safe. While the robust amount of packaging keep the desk in tip top condition, it is kind of a pain to open up. There is a lot of trash cleanup afterwards, but it is totally worth it. The product is made in China.

Most Impressive Features

This stylish small desk with a roll top weighs less than eighty four pounds. It comes nearly assembled so that it is easier for the buyer to put together. A complete concise instructional guide that includes pictures is included to make it even easier for the desk to be assembled. It has dimensions of twenty three by twenty two point five by twenty inches. The This roll top desk is a great buy. It is offered at the affordable budget friendly price that is less than four hundred dollars. It has a four out of five star rating on Amazon and has received impressive reviews from users. The desk is not only a beautiful addition to a room. It is also extremely functional and allows users to enjoy the benefits of being organized. The top of the desk is a great place to put items such as lamps, decorative items, and other office supplies. One of the main drawers has little compartments that have been sectioned off so that items like paper clips or staples can be kept separate. The part that drops down is strong, but is not very heavy.

Product Specifications for the Small Cherry Finished Desk

  • There are taps on the file drawers that allows people to label the drawers if they wish to do so.
  • The legs of the desk are not the least be complicated to attach. There are not many tools that are required in order to put the desk together.
  • It would look great anywhere, even a dining room, because it has such a beautiful design. It is truly elegant décor that does a whole lot more than look good. The desk is often compared to the old fashioned desks that were used in libraries back in the day. The desk fits well in tight spaces and is extremely sturdy. The dark finish helps the desk shine like the sun on a summer day.
  • The beautiful wood is from Ashley Furniture and sold by a wide variety of companies like Amazon.
  • When the desk is removed from the safety packaging, there are no foul odors, which is a common concern that people have. Another thing that people like about the B0049M6T3M wood desk is that there is plenty of extra storage space for books, files, and even decorative items. The latch closes securely for privacy.
  • The desk is made overseas, but meets the highest standards around the world.

Pros and Cons

  • This desk is very lightweight. The fact that the desk is not heavy is a perk because it can be moved from room to room. Anytime that you want to redecorate your home or a certain room, moving the desk is always an option. It looks good in kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms.
  • The desk is a small version which means it not provide enough space for desktop computers.
  • It is extremely affordable and budget friendly.
  • The only thing that people need to assemble is the legs of the desk. The legs practically slip right on without any hassle.
  • This desk is made from a highly trusted and widely known brand.
  • A warranty is provided with the purchase of the product.
  • It adds elegance and ambiance to a room.
  • The organization compartments make keeping things clean and organized easier than ever before.
  • It is easy to keep clean, but only certain types of cleaning products can be used on the finishing stain.


All in all, this desk model is a good choice. It is compact and lightweight enough for just about anyone to lift or move. It requires very little assembly. It is an extremely elegant desk that is offered in a wide variety of outlets for an extremely budget friendly price. It has a four out of five star rating on Amazon. Amazon also offer the service of putting the desk together, but most people will not need it because it is as simple as putting on the legs.  Anyone who wants a high quality desk at an affordable price should definitely consider this model. It radiates sophistication.


How to select the best Small Air Conditioner

Beat the heat with a Small Air Conditioner

If you live in one of the hotter places on the planet, you’re already well aware of how crucial it can be to have the proper air conditioner. If you don’t have one that’s really going to change the temperature of your home, what’s the point? The whole idea is to make sure that you’re being blessed with an air conditioner that’s going to let you forget about the immense amounts of heat you’d be dealing with outside – and all three of the ones I’m going to talk about today can do exactly that. Keep in in mind, everybody has their own specific tastes – this means that you may not exactly appreciate the same types of air conditioner units that I do.

If you just want something that’s going to make it seem as if you aren’t living in the middle of the Sahara Desert, this just might be the article for you. Some of these may have all of the bells and whistles that you’d like, while others may not; it’s important to realize that you should be doing a bit of research for yourself before making a purchase.

What to Look For

In a high quality small window air conditioner, there are going to be a few specific traits to keep an eye out for. Some of them are pretty obvious, while others will be a lot trickier to spot. It’s kind of like playing poker, you don’t want to cash in until you’re completely sure of your cards; with an air conditioner, you don’t want to make a purchase until you’ve finally figured out what the product has to offer you. Some of the traits to look out for would be:

Price – The price of the product is going to play a huge role, especially when it comes to whom is actually going to purchase the air conditioner. If a small air conditioner seems like it costs way too much money for the amount of “help” you’ll be receiving, you won’t find it a tough decision to just skip the purchase. Not only does the air conditioner need to be properly built (among other things), but the price needs to be right as well.

Quality – Low quality small window air conditioners aren’t going to do anybody any favors, and that’s why we never want to feel as if we were “cheated”. If an air condition flat out doesn’t work too tell, odds are you won’t want to use it very often. This is why you need to ensure that the quality is top of the line, because if it isn’t, you’re going to be dealing with a lot more than just the heat!

Longevity – You always want a small room air conditioner that’s going to stick around for the long run, especially when you’re going to be paying a couple of hundred dollars for it. Most of the time, air conditioners will try and make it so that you’re constantly looking to buy a new one; that is, if they are one of the lesser brands. The best ones try for longevity, and that’s what you should be looking for at all times.

These may only be three traits that you should be on the lookout for, but they’re definitely the most important ones. Learn to spot these quickly, and you’ll be able to tell whether a smallest window air conditioner is worth it or not; every single time (well, almost every single time).

Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S)

The smallest portable air conditioner is usually the one you want to find, but you can’t have incredibly high expectations. In the end, they’re going to be relatively sizeable, they’ll need to be in order for you to actually get some benefit out of them. That’s no to say that they’ll mimic the incredibly heavy duty versions you see outside of homes (they’ll be way smaller than that) – but it’s not like a small room portable air conditioner is going to be the size of a lunch box.

What’s It All About?

Whynter is a play on words when it comes to the brand, obviously, it seemingly sounds like the word “Winter”. That’s a word that’s associated with cool times and even cooler temperatures – something that we all want to go through during the hot summers. There are a lot of different things that I enjoyed about this product, especially since it was being put to good use during my trip to Texas. I work a lot, and I travel even more (for said work, of course). Most of the time in places likes Texas, the air conditioners aren’t going to be very powerful – especially if you aren’t staying in the best of hotels.

I needed one of those small window air conditioners that wasn’t going to be a complete waste of money, and that was also going to keep from sweating through my shirts most of the time. The Whynter 14,000 small air conditioner made me feel as if I was being hit with an icy blast of fresh, even in the hottest climate possible.

All of the important features (traits, measurements, etc.) surrounding this product would be:

  • There are three different modes of operation, which are; air conditioner, fan or even dehumidifier
  • You will have absolute control of the internal thermostat (all the way from 61 degrees Fahrenheit to 89 degrees Fahrenheit
  • There is a digital read out to make sure you’re making the proper selections, as well as a 24-hour programmable timer
  • Has a dehumidifying capacity of up to 101 pints on a daily basis, as well as three different dehumidifying speeds
  • Extendable exhaust and an intake hose (which can reach up to 60”) – as well as a window kit (which can reach up to 46”)
  • Remote controllable, comes equipped with a carbon air filter and a washable pre-filter
  • Product manual is packaged alongside the exhaust hose
  • 1250 watts of maximum power consumption (10.8 A) – 115 V/ 60hz of maximum power consumption


It’s able to keep just about any room you would like cool, as well as offer you up three different types of operation mode. The 5-year warranty is another cherry on top that I was absolutely happy with, regardless of what kind of cons you’ll find (within reason, obviously). With 1250 watts of maximum power, there’s nothing that will keep your room unbearably hot. The digital read out is as efficient as they come, and I love that they neatly package the manual inside of the exhaust hose.


The price is definitely one thing that may set you back, as we aren’t all looking to spend an extensive amount of money on the smallest room air conditioner we can find. It shouldn’t be used for heavy duty purposes, either.

Is It Worth the Price?

This item comes in at a cost of nearly $500 (for the Black and Platinum/Black, respectively) – so it’s one of the more affordable ones that you’re ever going to see. That means a lot, as you won’t have to break the bank in order to afford one of these bad boys. If you can’t stand the heat and humidity during the summer, this is one of the small air conditioners that you need to get serious about. Considering that there is an abundance of features that you may not see on other small air conditioner models, this is one heck of a bang for your buck. If you really want to be money conscious, there are cheaper options out there, but they may not give you the power that you need.

Like I said before, it’s all about what you would like as a person. I prefer air conditioners that are small and can be moved around with ease, and I’m willing to pay a decent amount of money for one that can handle the job properly.


This is the first out of three smallest air conditioner products that we’re talking about on this list, and it’s also one of the more expensive varieties. The power that you’ll be receiving through the use of this small air conditioner is fantastic, even if it’s a portable variety. The fact that there is an abundance of different ways to use the product is amazing, it doesn’t just have to focus on air conditioning alone – you can also dehumidify your home and just use it as a fan in general. All in all, it’s a very reliable variety of small portable air conditioner.

Honeywell MN10CESWW 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control – White

This is pretty much the prototype small air conditioner, especially if you’re used to the entire “look, my air conditioner is white!” sort of vibe. Believe it or not, a lot of people are actually quite picky about the color of the air conditioner being used. I believe in a unit that’s not only quiet, but also as efficient as can be. If I’m not going to be pestered by the sound that my smallest portable air conditioner product produces, it’s a win-win situation. You need to be able to make use of this product without too much hassle, and that’s why I’m here – if I was having a tough time, odds are you’re going to have a tough time as well (I’m an average person, but I’ve seen my fair share of small window air conditioners in my time.

What’s It All About?

This small room air conditioner is produced by Honeywell, which is more than likely a brand you’re familiar with. There are three different varieties of product to choose from here (in terms of the color-way), as well as the fact that it’s portable to boot! This wouldn’t be a proper review without going over the different traits and features available within the Honeywell MN10CESSWW BTU Portable Air Conditioner, so let’s get into it.

Take a look at the features/traits in which the smallest air conditioner around has to offer:

  • With 10,000 BTU, this small portable air conditioner has a no-bucket design set in place
  • It can cool areas that are all the way up to 400 square feet
  • The dehumidification process is able to handle up to 79.2 pints of humidity on a daily basis
  • A digital LED display that has incredibly intricate controls – as well as a remote control function that is completely foolproof
  • 3 different speeds to choose from, as well as an automatic timer that will turn the smallest window air conditioner off automatically (from 1-24 hour intervals)
  • Air flow that’s relatively powerful, and the operation of the product itself is incredibly quiet (it operates at about 55 dbA)

These are the main features that are incorporated within this product, but that’s not all it’s limited to. There isn’t much more that I can speculate on, so if you want a little more information, you’ll have to look that up for yourself.


You can cool areas that are all the way up to 400 square feet, as well as go through three different types of “cooling” processes with this product. The air flow is very powerful, meaning a lot of cold air is going to be brought in at once – there’s also three different speeds to choose from when it comes to the cool settings.


It doesn’t have a lot of the features that some other high-end small portable air conditioner models have to offer, and that’s going to leave a bad taste in some peoples’ mouths. If you wanted the most “charged up” version of small air conditioners, you might want to look elsewhere.

Is It Worth the Price?

This particular small room portable air conditioner is actually more affordable than the first one we’ve taken a look at, but not by much – as it costs $399.99 (on sale, the usual price is $449.99). It’s about $50 cheaper than the first product we reviewed, so that might go a long way with some people. Although it’s only $50 cheaper, the amount of features you get is a little lacking. The other model that we reviewed is a fantastic comparison, as it’s a little more in the money department; yet it still offers a lot more than the Honeywell variety. All in all, I would still say yes.


Not every single smallest room portable air conditioner is going to break open the gates of “cold”, most of the time, they’re just going to do the minimal required in order to get by. That’s not what happens here, and that’s why I can appreciate this product a little more than others.

Frigidaire FRA052XT7 5,000-BTU Mini Window Air Conditioner

This is the type of small air conditioner that you were more than likely thinking of initially, because it’s the most common model. Some of us have become used to the kinds of small room portable air conditioner models that will sit on the floor, as opposed to the window – they still use the window to draw air from, but they don’t require any sort of “in the window” set up. That’s not what it would be in this case, and this is actually the only “in window” smallest portable air conditioner on this list.

Frigidaire is a company that’s not trying to mess around, they know how to produce high quality air conditioners and that’s exactly what they plan on doing. This particular version only comes in one color, which would be white – there’s nothing wrong with that though, as that’s the essential color of small window air conditioners anyways. If you wanted something that looked a little more “spiffy”, this might not be the selection for you.

What’s It All About?

We all need the kind of cooling power that most air conditioners would provide us with, but it isn’t that often that we try and go above and beyond. This is one of the most normal looking small room air conditioner models that you could get into purchasing, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to work very well. Frigidaire wouldn’t dare let somebody down with a product of theirs, and that’s a guarantee that I’ve been able to have faith in. Whatever you need an in the window air conditioner for, just know that this is one you can truly learn to love – even if you’re thinking about all of the other neat products available to you.

  • The features of this product would be things like:
  • A 5,000 BTU cooling capacity to keep your home cold
  • Can cool rooms that are up to 150 square feet in size
  • There’s a 2-way air direction control process put in place, so you have the best experience possible!
  • Rotary controls are available to ensure you’re not going to have a tough time
  • The window panels are able to fit windows in between 23” and 26”
  • Is equipped with 115 volts of power
  • There’s a 1-year warranty in regards to parts set in place – there’s also a 2-5 year limited warranty


When it comes to the pros of this product, they’re pretty obvious (well, they should be, anyways) – especially since you’ll be able to handle well up to 150 square feet of space. You can make efficient use of the 5,000 BTU’s that are being presented with this smallest window air conditioner. You will be able to quietly make use of small window air conditioners, as well as the 2 different cooling speeds (and two fan speeds).


There isn’t a lot of “uniqueness” to this product, and the other two we’ve reviewed on this list are not only larger – but they cover more square feet as well. The price is a nice turning point, but the fact that it isn’t as large (and can’t cool as much space) is going to be a major selling point.

Is It Worth the Price?

I would say it most definitely is, considering the fact that it only costs around $205.99 USD to purchase one – that’s heaps cheaper than the alternatives that we’ve already listed. Although it’s cheaper, there are a lot of different features (and of course, lack of features) to take into consideration. Without them, you’re going to have a tougher time trying to keep larger rooms cool and habitable; but that doesn’t mean this isn’t one of the more suitable smallest air conditioners around. I’m not going to tell you how you should be living your life, all I can really do is make statements and hope that you follow them as closely as possible; but I would still say this is well worth the price.


We’ve gone through an abundance of different small room air conditioner products so far, and this one is the smallest (as well as the cheapest) out of all of them – that doesn’t mean it’s the worst, though. We’ve all got relatively specific needs, especially when it comes to using something like a small room portable air conditioner. I’ve always thought that these are the types of product that could change a life with ease, can you imagine what it would be like to battle the heat of Las Vegas without any small room air conditioner products?

Do what you will, but make sure that you’re using these reviews as a stepping stone. It’s always nice to know more about a product before you make the purchase, especially when it is going to cost a few hundred dollars. It’s one of the easiest installations I’ve ever had the pleasure of going through, and I didn’t even feel like ripping my hair out – not once! I’m not the handiest person, but it was still a great product to install.

The Finale

In the end, these are three different choices that you could really sink your teeth into. If you want to battle the heat this summer, these three products could be the best small room portable air conditioner models around.

Corner Shower

Best Shower Enclosures to Complement your Bathroom

Best Corner Showers and Bathtubs
Corner Shower User Review Number of Reviews Weight Dimensions
4.5 / 5 Stars 12 151 pounds 34.1 x 34.1 x 72 inches
3 / 5 Stars 21 108 pounds 34 x 76 x 34 inches
5 / 5 Stars 8 98 pounds 31.4 x 31.4 x 72 inches
3.5 / 5 Stars 5 100 pounds 36 x 36 x 82 inches

Your shower is likely a focal point of your bathoom and so it should be. It’s a place for you to get clean and also enjoy a nice warm soak at the end of a long day. However, just as important to the shower it is the enclosure that contains your shower. It’s important to find an enclosure that does a good job at protecting the rest of your bathroom from water damage whilst keeping you warm and looking great at the same time. There’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to buying a good shower.

Whether it’s for a corner shower or any other variation of shower, we’ve put together a guide detailing our favourite options when it comes to the best shower enclosures to complement your bathroom in 2016. We’ve also provided some pretty important advice that you’ll want to take into consideration when picking your own shower enclosure. So whether you’re looking for our definitive advice around the best option or just some useful advice, you’ll find exactly that in this article.

Our experts know everything there is to know about corner shower kits and other types of shower enclosure, so you’re in safe hands with the advice in this article.

What is a Shower Enclosure?

The clue is very much in the name when it comes to explaining what exactly a shower enclosure is. It’s basically an enclosure that’s designed to enclose your shower. Whether your shower is an individual cubicle option or something that’s designed as part of your corner bathtub, you’ll find a shower enclosure to be incredibly useful. In essence, they’re designed so that water doesn’t leak out into the rest of the bathroom when you’re having a shower. At the same time, most shower enclosures are designed to trap heat into the shower and prevent you from getting cold whilst showering.

In terms of the fitting over the average shower enclosure, you’ll find that most of these enclosures are mounted to either the ceiling or the floor of your bathroom. This means that they’re able to fully enclose your shower and provide the aforementioned benefits. However, in recent years, we’ve also seen more elegant shower enclosure designs that stray away from the traditional design to provide a modern and sleek looking fixture for the bathroom. Perfect for those who really care about the interior design of their bathroom.

Looking more at the designs shower enclosures for corner showers and you’ll find that they come as one of a number of different fills. Some shower enclosures tend to be completely transparent to allow you to see the rest of the bathroom whilst showering. However, there’s one key issue with this and that’s the fact that a transparent enclosure provides little or no privacy. With that in mind, a popular alternative filling for the shower enclosure is either frosted glass or completely opaque glass. Whilst not looking as good as a transparent option, they provide privacy whilst you’re showering.

Why buy a Shower Enclosure?

We’ve already touched on some of the key reasons why a good shower enclosure is an integral addition to your bathroom in the above section of this article. However, it’s also worth gaining a more detailed idea of why owners of corner shower units also need to add a good shower enclosure to their bathroom.

One of the key reasons why you need to invest in a good shower enclosure is to enclose the water inside of your shower. As you’re likely aware, it can often be the case when you’re showering that water simply splashes off your body and soaks the rest of the room. This can especially be the case with open showers and showering in a bath tub. With that in mind, you’re going to need a shower enclosure to prevent this from happening. In fact, you’ll find that most shower enclosures are designed to completely seal the water into your shower space. This means that the water in your shower can’t leak out and soak the rest of your bathroom. You might not think of water leaking to be all that much of an issue when showering, but try showering without a proper enclosure and you’ll soon notice it is.

That being said, whilst all of the above is incredibly important, it’s worth keeping in mind that preventing your bathroom from getting wet isn’t the only reason to invest in a shower enclosure. They can also be used to bring a good deal of privacy to your corner shower stall. As you’re likely aware, there’s nothing more embarrassing than being in the shower and finding someone walk in on you. The privacy provided by most shower enclosures prevents this from being an issue. As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll find that most enclosures are covered in either frosted or opaque glass. However, if you’re not all that worried about privacy, you’ll easily be able to opt for a transparent option.

Finally, you might also recall that we’ve mentioned a good shower enclosure can be a fantastic focal point to your bathroom. Whilst the shower is typically just something that exists in your bathroom, a good enclosure can bring some much needed attention to your shower and leave it looking great at the same time. This is especially the case if you’re looking to make your corner tub shower appear much more prominent. It’s no surprise that many people consider a shower enclosure to almost as important as the shower itself.

In all, you likely didn’t think that there was so many valid reasons behind needing a good shower enclosure. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to effectively use a shower without having a shower enclosure. With that in mind, it doesn’t matter what type of shower you have in your bathroom, you’ll need to keep an enclosure in mind when installing it. Luckily, there’s plenty of great options out there when it comes to picking a good shower enclosure as you’ll find through the following sections of this article.

What to consider when buying a Shower Enclosure?

Before we jump straight into looking at some of our best options when it comes to picking the best enclosure for your corner shower, it’s worth keeping in mind that what everybody needs out of a shower enclosure is different. With that in mind, there’s a number of aspects that you’ll want to keep into consideration when buying the right shower enclosure.

Space – When it comes to picking a good shower enclosure, there’s plenty of fantastic options out there that you could take advantage of. However, there’s one key issue that gets in the way of that choice and that’s space. It’s more than often the case that you just don’t have the space in your bathroom for some of the high-end enclosure options on offer.

With that taken into consideration, you’ll need to carefully measure how much space you have in your bathroom and make a choice in terms of the type of shower enclosure you’re looking for from this information. If you’re limited in terms of space, your best option is undeniably going to be to just opt for a standard shower enclosure. However, those with a little bit more space to work with might want to look at a walk in shower or wet room.

Either way, just make sure that you don’t make an assumptions when it comes to the space that you have for your shower enclosure.

Positioning – The space and position of your shower enclosure both work hand in hand, so you can imagine that you’ll also need to carefully consider exactly where you plan on placing your shower enclosure when you buy it. For example, if you plan on placing your shower in the corner of the bathroom, you’ll want to take advantage of one of the many different corner shower kits out there. However, on the other hand, you might be looking to place your shower enclosure in the centre of the room.

Either way, just make sure that you carefully consider exactly where you’ll be placing your shower enclosure when you come to use. This position will also determine exactly what you need out of your shower enclosure, including whether or not you’ll need a tray or not. If you currently have a shower enclosure, it might be worth taking a look at the position of that unit to gain an idea as to whether or not it’s right for your bathroom.

Type of Glass – We’ve already mentioned that one often overlooked aspect when it comes to buying a shower enclosure is the type of glass used to fill the enclosure. There’s actually a number of different types of glass that can be used when it comes to the actual structure of your showers enclosure and which one you opt with will depend on where you’re shower is located and who will be using it. Just be careful to consider this when picking an enclosure.

Firstly, it’s worth touching on the different specs of glass that can be used in the average shower enclosure for your corner bathtub. You’ll find a number of different thicknesses when browsing for shower enclosure glass, including 8 or 10 mm tempered glass. If you plan on building a strong shower enclosure or wet room though, you might want to opt for something like toughened safety glass.

At the same time, you’ll also want to consider how transparent the glass is. If you’re not too bothered about transparency, it might be the case that transparent glass will do the job just fine. However, those looking for privacy might find a better option in a shower enclosure with either opaque or frosted glass.

In all though, there’s plenty to take into consideration when it comes to picking the best shower enclosure to complement your bathroom this year.


Product 1: Dreamline Prism 34 1/8” by 24 1/8” Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure

As aforementioned, throughout the course of this article, we’ll also be reviewing a number of different options when it comes to enclosures for corner showers. The first of those products is from Dreamline, a name that you might have already heard of when it comes to fixtures and fittings for your bathroom.

Product Features

At the core of what this particular shower enclosure offers is a range of different features. These features are clearly designed to make your showering experience all the more enjoyable, so we’ve taken a look at some of our favourite features.

Frameless Glass Design – As we’ve already mentioned, your shower enclosure can provide a pretty exciting focal point in terms of the design of your bathroom. However, in order to accomplish this, your enclosure needs to look great. The best way of achieving a good looking shower enclosure is through a frameless glass design like the one used in the design of this DreamLine Prism shower enclosure.

This particular feature offers exactly what it sounds like. The design of the shower enclosure means that it looks like there’s no frame to the glass used on the enclosure. Whilst this may not be a design choice that’s to everybody’s liking, it definitely looks elegant and simplistic. Plus, the option to choose between Brushed Nickel and Chrome colouring means you can comfortably customise the small amount of frame that this enclosure actually has.

Whilst we have chosen to put an emphasis on this particular feature because of how great it looks, it’s worth noting that a shower enclosure with a frameless glass design is actually much easier to install. If you plan on installing the enclosure yourself at home, you’ll definitely find the design of this enclosure to make your job an awful lot easier.

Thick Tempered Glass – You might recall in an earlier section of this article that we already briefly covered the different types of glass that you’ll come across when it comes to the materials that shower enclosures are made with. This particular shower enclosure from DreamLine is truly no exception to that trend, being made with great quality thick tempered glass and some of the best glass that we’ve seen from any shower enclosure. If you really care about the quality of glass surrounding your corner shower unit, you’ll definitely appreciate the fantastic build quality of this product.

This thick glass also bolsters the effect that your shower enclosure has. It means that you needn’t worry about leaking out of the shower and can keep your bathroom as protected as possible from water damage whilst you’re showering. You’ll find this to be particularly useful if you’ve carefully decorated your bathroom and want to protect it.

Self-Assembly – Arguably one of the biggest selling factors of this particular shower enclosure is the fact that you can comfortably assemble and install it yourself at home. That’s right, there’s no need to hire the services of a plumbing specialist; upon arrival, you’ll be able to simply take the shower enclosure out of the box and fix it up. Perfect if you’re looking to save some money on the installation process or just save some time.

This easy self-assembly is largely helped by the shower enclosures frameless glass design. This design means that there’s less complicated parts to install when it comes to the assembly of your shower enclosure, which in turn means that you’ll be saving some serious time when it comes to installing the product. The product becomes even easier to install when it comes to replacing your current shower enclosure with this one. This is down to the product’s size, which is largely in tune with most other products on the market. In all, it’s nice to see that DreamLine have remembered that many people will be installing their own shower enclosure with this product and that’s something we’d love to see more of.

Five Year Manufacturer Warranty – Your shower enclosure is important to you and it’s already pretty clear that DreamLine understand this. With that in mind, you likely think it to be incredibly important that you’re completely covered should something do wrong. If that’s something that you’re looking for out of your shower enclosure, you’ll definitely find the protection you’re looking for in the product’s five year manufacturer warranty. It goes without saying that this is one of the most extensive warranty that we’ve seen any shower enclosure manufacturer bundle with their product.

That being said, it’s worth keeping in mind that included here is a limited warranty. This means that during the five year period, you obviously won’t be compensated for damage that you’ve inflicted on the product. However, should you feel that DreamLine’s shower enclosure isn’t being effective in what it’s designed for, you’ll be able to return the product and claim a refund from the manufacturer.

Many shower enclosure manufacturers provide a warranty with their products, but we don’t see many that go to an extent of five years. With that in mind, you’ll find a fantastic product in this DreamLine shower enclosure if you’re looking for ultimate protection.


Many of the above listed features are pros in their own right. However, we’ve also taken a closer look at some of the best pros you’ll be able to take advantage of when it comes to installing this enclosure in your corner shower stall:

  • This is definitely one of the best looking shower enclosures that we’ve looked at and reviewed. This is largely down to the enclosure’s frameless glass design that is almost guaranteed to look fantastic in just about any bathroom.
  • If you’re not looking to employ the services of a professional when it comes to installing your shower enclosure, you’ll be able to comfortably take advantage of this shower enclosure’s self-assembly options for easy assembly at home.
  • Five year warranty is definitely one of the most comprehensive warranties that we’ve seen included with any product of this kind. Perfect if you plan on keeping and using this shower enclosure for a good while and want to enjoy full protection.


Whilst there’s a number of pros behind using this shower enclosure to protect your shower and bathroom, there’s also some cons that you’ll want to keep in mind at the same time:

  • Whilst this is a shower enclosure that is designed to fit into almost any space, some customers have reported that this definitely isn’t the case. In fact, for some people, spacing has been left between the bottom bar of the enclosure and the door, leaving the bathroom susceptible to leaking.
  • The product’s included warranty is definitely comprehensive in terms of the time frame it offers, however, that comprehensiveness doesn’t exactly transition over to using the product. It’s become apparent that when some customers have come to using their warranty, they’ve had a number of issues with DreamLine.

What do customers say about this product?

When it comes to what other customers have to say about using this enclosure with their corner tub shower, we’ve largely touched on many of the negative opinions in the above section. It’s definitely the case that this shower enclosure isn’t going to be completely compatible with every space and you may have issues when it comes to redeeming your warranty. However, many other customers have pointed out that if you’re able to overlook these issues, you’ll find that there’s plenty of strong support for DreamLine’s enclosure.

A number of customers have gone on to praise just how great this product looks. In fact, many customers have stated that this is the best looking shower enclosure that they’ve come across. If you really care about how your bathroom looks, it’s yet again apparent that this is a product you’re going to enjoy. In fact, customers have been keen to point out that this isn’t just a shower enclosure that looks great, it also feels great. You can definitely feel the quality of that thick tempered glass and you’ll definitely feel that the rest of your bathroom is protected by water damage from the shower.

Product 2: OVE Breeze-34-Withwalls Premium 34-Inch Shower Kit with Acrylic Base

In comparison to the previous shower enclosure that we’ve reviewed in this article, this is definitely a much more expensive product. However, are you going to be getting a better quality product for your money? We’ll discuss that and more in our review.

Product Features

For the above $1000 price tag of this enclosure, you can likely imagine that it’s going to bring a number of advantages to your corner shower. A lot of those advantages come through the product’s features, which we’ve taken a closer look at.

Crystal Clear Glass – When it comes to the design of your shower enclosure, you’re likely already aware that there’s a number of different glass types that you can opt for. We’ve discussed some of those glass types at length in an above section of this article. Whilst opaque and frosted glass are designed to provide you with completely privacy whilst you’re showering, you definitely won’t find that here. This particular enclosure uses crystal clear glass that looks fantastic and means that anyone can see into your shower.

If you’re living on your own, you’ll definitely find that this crystal clear glass to look fantastic and add ultimately more space to your bathroom. However, you’ll really want to consider how much privacy you need from your shower before deciding whether or not the crystal clear glass works for you. In all though, if you don’t need the privacy offered by opaque or frosted glass, nothing looks quite as sleek or open as this crystal clear glass. Plus, you’ll definitely find that clear glass reduces the space that your shower take up in the bathroom and gives the impression of a more spacious bathroom. That fact gives this shower enclosure a big advantage when it comes to being used in smaller bathrooms.

Range of Sizes – As you’re likely already aware, everybody’s shower space is different and it’s pretty clear that OVE understand this with their corner shower kits. So much so that you’ll find that their products are designed to work with a range of spaces. In terms of this particular shower enclosure unit, we’ve taken a look at the 34-inch variety of the product. However, you should find a variant that suits your shower space, with 31-inch, 36-inch and 38-inch varieties of the product also available.

It’s not that often that we see a shower enclosure so versatile in terms of the different options it provides customers with. There’s nothing more disappointing than buying a fantastic looking new enclosure for your shower or corner bathtub, only to find that the sizing just isn’t correct. However, the different available sizes of this product mean that the enclosure will comfortably fit your shower. That being said, you’ll need to make sure that you carefully measure the size of your shower space and pick a size that’s correct for you, especially if you’ve already got the framework in place for a shower enclosure.

Tempered Glass – Whilst the design of your shower enclosure is undeniably very important, you’re likely also aware that it’s important for the product to be of a good quality. You’re likely also already aware that in order to achieve good quality, the shower enclosure needs to be of appropriate thickness. A good thickness in the glass of your shower enclosure provides plenty of support for the shower space whilst also protecting your bathroom from water that might leak from the shower space and damage your bathroom. A good tick amount of glass in your shower enclosure can definitely go a long way.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in this product from OVE. Its thick tempered glass comes in at a thickness of around 6mm. This means that there’s very minimal chance of water leaking out of your shower and into the bathroom. If you’ve got a great looking bathroom and want to protect that space, you’ll definitely appreciate how far a good thickness of glass in your enclosure can go. In fact, it’s pretty impressive that OVE have managed to maintain this thickness whilst also keen that crystal clear transparency.

Painless Installation – When you’ve spent a good deal of money on an enclosure for your shower, there’s a good chance that you won’t want to pay out for a professional to install your new enclosure. It’ll cost you a fortune and means that you’ll have to wait a good while before you’re able to get started using the enclosure. With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to hear that OVE’s option offers painless installation that means you can quickly and easily install your enclosure at home without any professional knowledge. OVE have provided clear and concise instructions to follow that even beginners will be able to utilise.

In fact, this particular shower enclosure is so easy to install that we’ve seen a number of industry professionals actually buying the product in bathrooms they fit. This is because it pretty simply slots into place with very little fuss and effort on your part. This is definitely a refreshing change in comparison to the complicated process that we’ve seen some shower enclosures put customers through. It also means that you’ll save some serious money not employing the services of a professional bathroom fitter.

Everything Included – The final feature we’re discussing in this review isn’t so much a feature but something that we feel is a big selling factor for the product. That selling point is the fact that the product includes everything you need to get started. Whilst you’ll find that some corner shower kits are simply comprised of just the door. In our review, we’ve found that OVE have included acrylic walls, base and door in this package.

Not only that, but the package also includes everything you need to install your brand new corner shower unit. Whilst this product will set you back a bit more than other options on the market, it includes absolutely everything you need.


If the above features sound like this product is in line with what you’re looking for out of a shower enclosure, then you’ll want to pay close attention to the below pros. We’ve listed some of the most prominent of those pros in this section of the review:

  • Completely crystal clear glass looks absolutely fantastic and gives the impression that your bathroom has a lot more space than it does. That being said, you’ll need to consider whether or not you can deal with the lack of privacy it offers.
  • Whilst some shower enclosures only come containing the door that you need for your shower, you’ll find everything included here, included acrylic walls and a proper base. Which in turn should save you some serious money.
  • Painless installation means that you won’t need to employ the services of professionals to install your shower enclosure and you’ll be able to it yourself at home. This should definitely save you some time and money in the process.


Whilst there’s a good number of pros to this particular shower enclosure from OVE, there’s also a few cons that you’ll want to consider when deciding whether it’s right for you:

  • When you take into consideration the quality of materials used in the construction of this shower enclosure, you can likely imagine that the product will cost you considerably more than other alternatives on the market. That being said, if you have the money to spend on it, this is a shower enclosure well worth your buying.
  • One of the major purposes of the product is to prevent water leakage from your shower and into your bathroom, however, the instructions don’t mention that you might need caulk in order to accomplish this effectively. Which is a bit of a disappointment considering this package is said to included “everything”.


What do customers say about this product?

When it comes to high-end shower enclosures, the general perception amongst customers around this particular product is that it offers a good sturdy structure for the price. This is largely helped by the product’s crystal clear glass and other good quality features. That being said, some customers have been seen to complain that they would have liked to have had the option of a frosted or opaque version of the product. We’d definitely agree that this is something we would also like to have seen in terms of this particular product.

Generally speaking though, customers have praised this as a good choice for anyone with a small bathroom. The different sizes available in terms of the product mean that you’ll be able to choose an option that works for your bathroom. At the same time, customers have gone on to state that no matter which size they choose, they found the shower enclosure to be pretty simplistic to install and there’s no need to hire a contractor to do the job.

In all, there’s a good perception of this product amongst customers who have purchased it and we’d find it very difficult to disagree with this testament.

Product 3: DreamLine Solo 31 3/8” by 31 3/8” Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure

The third product that we’re reviewing in our guide to the best shower enclosures to complement your bathroom in 2016 is another option from DreamLine. However, we’d argue that this particular shower enclosure is pretty different to the aforementioned product. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring with it a range of unique features. So how does this enclosure fair for corner showers? Read on into our review to find out more.

Product Features

As aforementioned, at the core of what this DreamLine shower enclosure offers is a range of different features. They comprise to make a range of unique selling factors that you’ll want to take into consideration when choosing your next shower enclosure. We’ve taken a more detailed look at some of our favourite of those features.

Walk-In Design – For too many people, getting in and out of the shower is an everyday struggle. This is particularly an issue for the elderly and those with mobility problems. With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to hear that this particular shower enclosure from DreamLine takes advantage of a walk-in design. This essentially means that the shower enclosure is low down enough to be simply stepped in and out of with ease. It may not be a feature that you necessarily need but you’ll definitely quickly find that it makes your life much easier.

A walk-in design isn’t something that we see an awful lot of when it comes to shower enclosures, unless that’s with products designed specifically for mobility. However, you should find that even if you don’t suffer from mobility issues, the walk-in design of the shower enclosure will just make life easier. We’re big fans of pieces of bathroom installation that make your life easier and your showering experience more enjoyable. Plus, the fact that this product comes in at the same price of other options in DreamLine’s range, means that you aren’t going to be paying an extra premium price for use of this walk-in design.

Range of Sizes – Not every bathroom space is the same and with this product, it’s pretty clear that DreamLine understand this. Whilst you’ll find that some shower enclosures are available as a single size option, this product is very different. It offers a couple of key different sizes that you can choose from depending on how big your bathroom is. Those particular sizes come in at W 31 x L 31 x H 72 and W36 x L 36 x H 72. These are too largely different sizes that you can choose from for largely different bathrooms.

If you’re not quite sure of what size to opt for when it comes to picking a shower enclosure for your bathroom, your best bet is to carefully measure the size of your current enclosure. This will give you a good idea of what works in your bathroom and which of the size options work for you. Either way, you’ll find that either of the available sizes of this particular shower enclosure should fit comfortably within your bathroom. Plus, both sizes are designed to be easy to install without any prior professional knowledge or experience.

Door Only – This point in our review isn’t so much a feature but a factor of this shower enclosure that we feel mentioning and that’s the fact that this a door only. Whilst you’ll find that some shower enclosures come packaged with base pieces and side walls, this particular option doesn’t. However, you will be able to do use the door with other products in DreamLine’s range to complete the shower enclosure experience. That’s only if you need these parts at all though – it might be the case that you’re just looking for a door to use with your current shower enclosure and that does the job here.

You’re likely wondering why on earth you’d choose to buy this limited product over another option. That’s because you’ll quickly find that this is considerably cheaper than other similar shower enclosures on the market. If you’re not looking to waste money on aspects of your corner shower that you already have, you’ll find yourself to save some cash here. In all, it’s nice to see that DreamLine have given their customers the option to choose not to buy the aspects of the shower enclosure that they already have and save some money too.

Five Year Warranty – A final aspect of this shower enclosure that’s worth mentioning in our review is the five year warranty that it comes bundled with. When you’re spending a fairly large amount of money on such a product for your bathroom, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re fully protected and the five year warranty included here does just that.

At the same time, it’s also worth mentioning that DreamLine advertise this as a limited warranty, which is completely to be expected with a warranty that lasts a five year period. It means that you’ll be able to claim for a range of issues with your shower enclosure, but you’ll need to remember that there’s some things that you can’t claim for. Generally speaking though, the five year warranty that DreamLine offer across a number of their shower enclosure products tends to be pretty comprehensive.

If you’re looking for that extra bit of peace of mind when it comes to your shower enclosure, the five year warranty awarded here definitely couldn’t hurt. Although, we’d still recommend that you be cautious when making a claim on your warranty and make sure that you’re completely within the parameters that DreamLine have set out. In all, a five year warranty is another fantastic addition to a fantastic product here.


If the above features make this sound like the best enclosure option for your corner shower unit, you’ll likely want to hear all of the pros that comprise this product. With that in mind, we’ve laid out some of our top pros that you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding if this is the right shower enclosure option for you or not:

  • Walk-in design isn’t something that we see from many shower enclosures on the market and not necessarily a featured adopted by many products that aren’t specifically designed for those with mobility issues. However, you’ll definitely find that just walking into your shower makes life easier and more enjoyable.
  • There’s a couple of key choices when it comes to the size of your shower enclosure and we’re pretty comfortable that one of these choices will work for you. With that in mind, it doesn’t matter what the size of your bathroom is.
  • Five year warranty is again a fantastic advantage of buying a product from DreamLine. This means that you can use your shower enclosure comfortably knowing that if you have an issue, you’re covered.


As you’re aware from the above section, there’s a good number of pros to installing this particular shower enclosure in your bathroom. However, before deciding whether to buy it or not, you’ll want to take into consideration some of the below cons:

  • As aforementioned, the fact that this is just the door part of a shower enclosure could either be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. If you don’t need those additional pieces, you’ll save some serious money with this option. However, those who need side panels and a base will have to pay extra for those products.
  • Whilst the couple of included size options here stand a good chance of working with your bathroom space, you’ll still need to make sure that you measure up the space you have in case those size options don’t fit. In all, it would have been nice to see a greater range of sizes much like with other products we’ve reviewed.

What do customers say about this product?

The views of customers who have purchased this particular shower enclosure are largely in line with what we’ve already said about the product in this review. The majority of customers are largely satisfied that the product works well in the space they have and they found fitting it into the space to be just as easy. So you can likely imagine that most customers were pleased with the provided product dimension information.

It’s not just the product dimensions that customers were pleased with however, the general consensus is that this is a good quality product. It’s been made with great glass and customers definitely love the five year warranty that comes part of the package. So much so that we’ve struggled to come across a customer who has had anything but a good experience with this product and that alone should give you some peace of mind. If you truly care about what other customers say in regards to this product, just one look at Amazon’s reviews for the product and you’ll find it pretty promising.

Product 4: Heirloom Complete Shower Room

The last product that we’re reviewing in this article is a little bit different to the average corner shower stall and in a pretty interesting way too. That’s in the respect that this is actually a pre-built complete shower room to install in your bathroom.

Product Features

In order to create their complete shower room, Heirloom have really gone out in terms of features. If you think this might be a great option to install within your bathroom, you’ll want to pay close attention to the features that we’ve laid out below.

Complete Shower Room – There’s one key feature of this particular shower enclosure that you’ll likely want to know more about and that’s the fact that this is a complete shower room. You’re likely already aware of what a shower room is; basically a room specifically designed for showering in. Considering the space they take up and the expense that they come in at, you likely didn’t think you’d be able to afford a shower room. However, Heirloom’s product here promises to install a completely pre-plumbed and ready to go shower room that can be installed into your bathroom.

This isn’t a shower room by halves either, it’s a fully-fledged experience that you’d usually expect to see in the spa. This is largely down to the enclosure’s seating ledge that allows you to sit down and enjoy the shower’s various nozzles. If you’re looking to experience your shower from every angle, you’ll definitely find that and more here.

As far as luxury showering goes, it doesn’t get much better than Heirloom’s Complete Shower Room. When they say that this is the complete showering experience, Heirloom truly aren’t lying. It’s designed with plenty of space and a good number of features to provide you with one of the best showers that you’ll have in your life. If you truly love showering and are looking for a good deal of enjoyment at the end of a long day, you’ll be pleased to hear that Heirloom’s product gives you your own complete shower room.

Completely Adjustable – Everybody needs something different out of their showering experience and you’d expect any manufacturer of corner shower enclosures to understand this. Thankfully, Heirloom fall exactly into that category of manufacturer. This particular shower room product is designed to be completely adjustable to your needs. Plus, you’ll be pleased to hear that this adjustability extends across the shower, with users even being able to properly adjust the feet of the shower.

This adjustability is perfect if you struggle with mobility and need some help in terms of getting in and out of the shower. You’d usually expect to have to have a shower professionally installed for this level of mobility.

In all, you’ll find how adjustable this product is to be useful whether you struggle with mobility issues or not. It’s definitely one of the most flexible shower enclosures that we’ve taken a look at and the fact that it’s also a complete shower room truly seals the deal. Rarely do we come across a shower enclosure that offers the best of both worlds, but you can purchase this product with the comfortable knowledge that it does. Whether it’s for use with mobility issues or not, you’ll find the adjustability to be useful here.

Massagers – When it comes to your showering experience, there’s a good chance that you expect to come out clean. However, you also want to enjoy your showering experience, particularly at the end of a long day. That’s exactly where the massagers that Heirloom have included with this shower room come in. They’re located around the seating area of the shower room in order to massage your back and foot whilst you’re having a shower. There’s a good few massagers too, so no matter how large your body is, you’ll get a good massage.

Although, it’s worth considering that this massaging functionality will add a considerable amount of cost to the already pretty costly unit from Heirloom. If you’re not interested in or don’t this massaging functionality, you might not be all that keen on paying for it. Still, it can’t help to have this functionality here if you need it at the end of a long day. In all, just remember to consider whether or not you need massagers before deciding whether or not to buy this shower enclosure. If you do need those massagers, we’d find it difficult not to recommend Heirloom’s product.

Installation – As you’ve likely already gathered over the course of this review, as far as enclosures go for corner shower units, this is a pretty complicated one. With that in mind, you’d expect it to be a pretty complicated unit to install. However, from our time with this product from Heirloom we’ve found to be anything but. The product is completely pre-plumbed, meaning all you have to do is essentially plug it in. It’s completely self-contained and comes as a pre-built unit that you can just place where you see fit. In fact, we’d possibly go as far to say that this unit is considerably easier to install than most standard enclosures.

How you go about installing the product will largely depend on the space you’re installing it into and whether or not that space is ready for the unit. Heirloom do advertise that you should easily be able to install their Complete Shower Room without the need to hire the services of a professional. However, there is a chance that you might struggle and may need to bring in a contractor. However, we’re pretty certain that you already have a good idea of what you need to do in order to go about installing the Heirloom Complete Shower Room.

In all, installation of Heirloom’s shower room isn’t that much more difficult that installing the standard shower enclosure. It might be the case that you need a professional contractor in order to do so, or you may just be able to do it at home by yourself.


As we’ve already laid out, this is a pretty remarkable product in terms of the features and functionality that it offers. With that in mind, you can likely imagine that there’s a good few pros to buying it, which we’ve laid out below:

  • Very different to the average corner shower stall enclosure in the respect that you’re getting a complete shower room here. In fact, we’d argue that the experience the product provides in on par with what you’d get from a spa experiences.
  • Despite being a pretty complicated bit of kit, you’ll be pleased to hear that Heirloom have made sure their product is still incredibly easy to install. Even if you don’t have any professional knowledge when it comes to bathroom fitting, you should easily be able to hook up the corresponding pipes of this particular unit.
  • The adjustability of the product and the fact that it provides plenty of space for support, including a seating area makes this a great product for anyone who suffers with mobility issues. That being said, you’ll still find this product to be an incredible option even if you don’t need it for mobility support.


Whilst there’s a good number of pros or reasons why you should invest and install this Heirloom Complete Shower Room in your bathroom, there’s still a good few cons that you’ll need keep in mind before taking the plunge and deciding if this is the right product for you:

  • In terms of many of the features of this product, it’s worth keeping in mind that you might be paying for functionality that you don’t necessarily need here. This is especially the case when it comes to the massaging function of the shower. You’ll need to consider if you need these features before buying.
  • Whilst being pretty simple to install, you’ll find the instructions to be pretty unclear. So much so that some customers have had to bring in a professional to install the unit simply because they’re unable to understand the instructions provided here.

What do customers say about this product?

When it comes to what customers think about Heirloom’s offering in the shower enclosure space, the general consensus is that this is a product that looks nice and offers functionality. You can likely imagine that because of its unique uses and pretty high price point, it’s not one of the bestselling products on the market. That being said, customers who did purchase the product absolutely love what they see and what it offers.

However, there’s a key issue that we’ve seen a number of customers pointing out and that’s the fact that the screws and parts included for installation are pretty cheap. If you really want to make sure that your Heirloom Complete Shower Room is properly installed and safely too, you might want to invest in your own screws. However, that’s not to say that you won’t be able to use the included screws with this product and not have a problem.

How to clean a Shower Enclosure?

From the options that we’ve listed above, you should comfortably be able to pick and install a good shower enclosure. However, it’s just as important to make that you look after your shower enclosure. So what’s the best way to clean such a product? Well, our recommendation would be to clean it regularly and generally keep it clean.

If you want to make sure that you’re keeping your shower enclosure clean, your best option is to give it a quick clean off after every single use. This should stop any deep-setting dirt and grime from building up within the enclosure and should at the same time, make your job a lot easier when it comes to giving it a deeper clean. You can do so by simply just giving the shower enclosure a quick spray off and making sure you can see no physical grime.

Whilst it is pretty important to keep your shower enclosure clean, it goes without saying that you’re sometimes going to need to give the enclosure a much deeper clean. Doing so isn’t as difficult as you might think and simply requires a bit of elbow grease. Your best option for doing so is to use a bleach specifically designed for cleaning the bathroom and just making sure that you scrub out any grime or dirt. That being said, it’s important to make sure that you clean any bleach away before you go on to use the shower.

In all, it can often be the case that you forget to keep your shower enclosure clean. However, they’re an area known to harbour dirt and that’s something that you want to avoid when it comes to the space you wash in. If you really love your shower and it’s enclosure, remember to keep it nice and clean.

Final Word

Best Corner Showers and Bathtubs
Corner Shower User Review Number of Reviews Weight Dimensions
4.5 / 5 Stars 12 151 pounds 34.1 x 34.1 x 72 inches
3 / 5 Stars 21 108 pounds 34 x 76 x 34 inches
5 / 5 Stars 8 98 pounds 31.4 x 31.4 x 72 inches
3.5 / 5 Stars 5 100 pounds 36 x 36 x 82 inches

In conclusion, there’s an awful lot to take in from this article. You’re likely more than aware of what a good enclosure can do for your corner shower, but it’s also incredibly important to make sure that you pick the right option. There’s a lot of variation in terms of the options available when it comes to picking a good shower enclosure. Whether it’s a pretty standard sliding door option or the aforementioned shower room, you can’t go far wrong with many of the options that we’ve reviewed in this article.

When it comes to picking an appropriate enclosure for your shower, stick with the advice that we’ve provided around corner shower kits in this article. At the same time, you’ll also want to remember to look after your enclosure.

If there’s one fixture that you really need in order to bring out the best in your bathroom, it’s a corner shower unit. They protect your bathroom from water damage whilst also adding space and generally looking great. Whether you don’t already have an enclosure installed or you’re just looking to replace your current option, remember to take the above information into consideration when buying yours.

Best Oversized Ottoman Reviews

The ottoman has long been a staple piece of furniture for around the home and that’s no surprise considering the number of different purposes that they can serve. However, a new trend is now arising in oversized ottomans. The name pretty much suggests what exactly one of these pieces of furniture is.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the best oversized ottomans. With so many different products available on the market, we’ll be taking a look at what exactly an oversized ottoman is, why you need one, what to look for and our oversized ottoman reviews.

What is an oversized ottoman?

Best Oversized Ottomans
Oversized Ottoman User Review Number of Reviews Weight Dimensions
Flash Furniture Jessa Place Oversized Ottoman 4.5 / 5 Stars 6 42 pounds 40 x 40 x 20 inches
3 / 5 Stars 1 38 pounds 36.5 x 36.5 x 21.5 inches
3.5 / 5 Stars 29 43 pounds 43 x 43 x 20 inches

There’s a good chance that you’ve already come across an ottoman at some point or another in life. In fact, you might already have an ottoman in your home. They’ve long been hailed as one of the best pieces of furniture you can have in your home. An ottoman is essentially a low upholstered seat without a back or arms. However, this low upholstered seat also has storage space tucked away inside it.  In this sense, an ottoman is basically a seat that also serves a double purpose as a storage unit or box. It’s a petty wise choice if you’re limited for space and need somewhere to both sit and store.

With that in mind, you’ve likely already got an idea of what an oversized ottoman is. An oversized ottoman is essentially like a regular ottoman but larger in size. Just because they’re oversized, you won’t find ottomans are that big. Most oversized ottomans are still appropriate in size for the home, including the options we’ve featured in this article.

As aforementioned, most ottomans are designed to be a place where you can not only store whatever you please but also sit on. Because of this, you can expect to see most ottomans using a fairly cushioned piece of fabric on the top surface. This cushioned area is known as upholstery and it might be the case that you already have upholstered furniture in your home. That being said, you’ll still find both normal and oversized ottomans that aren’t upholstered and using standard padding/fabric on their surface.

Generally speaking, an oversized ottoman is exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll find that most products in this category tend to be pretty similar in nature to your standard ottoman that you have in your home, however, they’re oversized. Because of this, oversized ottomans are able to anchor a room and act as a centre piece.

Why should you buy an oversized ottoman?

Now that we’ve provided you with a clear picture when it comes to what exactly an oversized ottoman is, you’re likely wondering why you should buy one. If you’re on the fence when it comes to buying an oversized ottoman, we’ve taken a look at some of the key reasons why you need one in your home. There’s a lot more to an oversized ottoman than being just a seat and storage place, so keep that in mind when choosing one.

The first of our big reasons is the seating space that an oversized ottoman provides. There’s a good chance that you’ll be placing your oversized ottoman in the living room, a place in which you entertain guests. If you’ve got a number of guests around, you can quickly and easily run out of space for those guests to sit. With that in mind, an oversized ottoman provides plenty of space for a large number of guests to sit on. What’s more, because the ottoman is located in the centre of the room, the conversation can keep flowing.

That being said, the ottoman isn’t a piece of furniture limited to the living room however. You can quite easily stick your ottoman in the bedroom. If you’re limited for storage space in your bedroom but also need an area to sit when getting ready in the morning, an oversized ottoman provides a fantastic option. This ties into one of the best things about an oversized ottoman. They’re such a versatile piece of furniture that you can comfortably move around any place in your home with little trouble. If you’re looking for a general piece of furniture that does any job, an oversized ottoman is it.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a centre piece of furniture to draw people’s attention to when they enter a room, you’ll find an oversized ottoman to be a good option. There are so many impressive looking oversized ottomans out there that yours can be a fantastic addition to the general style of your home. That being said, you’ll want to make sure that you choose an option that properly complements your current style. Generally though, whether it’s in the living room or bedroom, an oversized ottoman can really bring out the best in the room, which is one big reason why you need it.

Finally, an oversized ottoman provides a fantastic place to just collapse and relax at the end of a long day. As we’ve already said, the upholstered cushioning of the average ottoman is usually incredibly comfortable. However, the average ottoman doesn’t provide enough space to just collapse and lie down on. An oversized ottoman on the other hand provides an awful lot more space to just relax on. An ottoman can be an awful lot more than just a handy storage solution, but also one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture in your living room or bedroom.

What to look for in an oversized ottoman?

If the above section of this article has sold you on the idea of introducing an oversized ottoman into your living room, bedroom or just about any other space in your home, you’re likely ready to buy one. However, first, there’s some things that you’ll want to look for in an oversized operation. Whether you’re choosing a product from our top choices below or just looking for your own bespoke option, you’ll need to look out for the following.

The first thing you’ll want to look out for is plenty of storage space. There’s a good chance that you’re buying an oversized ottoman because of the large amount of storage space inside the furniture, so you’ll need to make sure that there’s enough space for you. You can do this by carefully considering exactly what you’re planning on storing inside the ottoman and making sure that you choose a product with enough space for whatever this is. That being said, you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing an ottoman that isn’t too oversized and still actually fits in the space that you plan to put it.

At the same time, it’s also important to make sure that you choose a pretty stylish oversized ottoman. There’s a good chance that this piece of furniture is going to be the centre piece to your living room or an integral part of your bedroom. With that in mind, your oversized ottoman needs to look impressive and stylish at the same time. We’ve seen plenty of examples where an oversized ottoman can either make or break a room. You need to make sure that you carefully choose your ottoman and make sure that it looks good.

Product 1: Flash Furniture Jessa Place Oversized Ottoman Chocolate Fabric

As aforementioned, throughout the course of this article, we’ll be reviewing three of the most popular options available when it comes to buying an oversized ottoman. The first of those ottomans comes from Flash Furniture. They’re a brand that you may have already come across before buying furniture online, so you’re likely aware of the quality of their products. This Jessa Place Oversized Ottoman in Chocolate Fabric is no exception to that trend, offering a contemporary design coupled with plenty of storage space.

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the biggest selling points of the Jessa Place oversized ottoman from Flash Furniture is the contemporary design of the product. It’s often the case with ottomans that people get caught up with the storage space; instead, you also need to make sure that your ottoman looks great. There’s no denying that the contemporary design of this oversized ottoman looks great. Whilst we’ve taken a look at the product in Chocolate Fabric colouring, Flash Furniture also offer a couple of other options, including Grey and Sand. No matter the style of your living room, this ottoman should easily fit in.

The oversized ottoman itself is made with taut upholstery and packed with CA117 fire retardant foam. More and more pieces of furniture are using fire retardant foam and it’s definitely the safer option. If you plan on having your oversized ottoman in area with children or pets, it might be a useful feature to have and definitely a safe one. At the same time, it’s nice to see that the ottoman actually includes a zippered black bottom. This allows you to easily replace that aforementioned foam. This is a particularly useful feature if your ottoman begins to lose its life and you’re looking to give it a pump up.


  • Features one of the most comprehensive designs of any oversized ottoman that we’ve taken a look at or on the market. It goes without saying that this ottoman would look absolutely in any modern family home.
  • Uses really good quality materials; especially CA117 fire retardant foam. This means that the oversized ottoman doesn’t just feel like a fantastic quality product but it’s also incredibly safe for use around children and pets.
  • Zippered black bottom means that you can quickly and easily replace the foam that’s used to stuff your oversized ottoman. This means that when your ottoman begins to life, you can easily get it back to life and looking great again.


  • Whilst as aforementioned, we’re a big fan of the contemporary stylish look of this product, it won’t look as great in more traditional homes. You’ll need to carefully consider the style environment of your home before deciding to buy this.
  • Flash Furniture offer this particular oversized ottoman in three different colours, including chocolate, grey and sand. However, it goes without saying that these colours won’t necessarily suit every single home. With that in mind, it would have been nice to see the manufacturer sell a better range of colours.

Product 2: Flash Furniture Benchcraft Maier Oversized Accent Ottoman in Microfiber

Considering the rave review we gave the aforementioned oversized ottoman from Flash Furniture, it likely comes as no surprise to see another product from the manufacturer in our list. That being said, we’d argue that the Benchcraft Maier is a largely different product to the contemporary design of the Jessa Place. We could definitely see this particular ottoman looking more in place in a traditional home – that’s not to say that you couldn’t use it in any modern home though. It’s a great option all round in terms of style.

The covering of the ottoman uses a charcoal or walnut microfiber upholstery, with the colour dependent on which option you choose. Either way, the ottoman uses a tufted box design upholstery. The great quality materials used in the making of this ottoman don’t stop there though; it uses a similar CA 117 fire retardant foam. This means that you can comfortably use your ottoman around children and animals without the risk of the furniture bursting into flames and generally causing considerable damage to you and your family.

To give you an idea of how much space this oversized ottoman will take up in your living room our bedroom, the product dimensions come in at around 36.5 x 36.5 x 21.5 inches. For an oversized ottoman, we’d say that this is around the best size. It offers plenty of room to store anything you need inside but doesn’t take up too much of your precious space either.

The features of this oversized ottoman from Flash Furniture definitely lay it out as one of the most formidable options. If you’re looking to pick this ottoman up for use in your living room or bedroom, it will set you back around $350. This might seem like a fair amount at first for an ottoman. However, it’s definitely worth your cash. What Flash Furniture have produced here is another quality piece of furniture that you’ll want in your home.


  • The semi-modern design of this oversized ottoman means that it should sit comfortably within the design of any home. Whether you’ve got a modern home or more traditional setting, you’ll find this ottoman sits comfortably within it.
  • Uses a range of different good quality materials, including microfiber upholstery for covering, tufted boxed design upholstery and CA117 fire retardant foam. This means that you can safely use your oversized ottoman around children and pets.
  • Perfectly sized for use within either the average living room or bedroom. You can comfortably use this oversized ottoman to store everything you need to, whilst also still having plenty of space to move around your home.


  • Much like with the other aforementioned product from Flash Furniture, your colour options with this ottoman are incredibly limited. In fact, you’re only able to choose between either charcoal or walnut. It would have been nice to see Flash Furniture include some other colour options for different home styles.

Product 3: Coaster Ottoman with Button Tufted Cushion

The third and final product that we’re featuring in this article is an oversized ottoman from Coaster Home Furnishings. At this point, it’s also worth mentioning that this option is also considerably cheaper than the other couple of ottomans that we’ve featured in the article. With that in mind, if you’ve got less cash to splash out on an ottoman, you might want to consider this option or any of the other similar products from Coaster Home Furnishings.

Unsurprisingly, Coaster Home Furnishing’s offering follows a pretty contemporary design, which is perfect for the modern home. This contemporary design is complimented by the couple of colour choices that Coaster have provided this product in; black and brown. Whilst both of these colour options initially appear to be pretty simplistic, there’s a good chance that either a black or brown ottoman will comfortably fit into the design of your living room, bedroom or just about anywhere else in your house.

Despite this oversized ottoman being considerably less expensive than some of the other options on the market, there’s no denying that it has still be constructed with only the best quality materials. The ottoman itself is built with a hardwood 100% kiln-dried solid frame. For anyone in the woodworking industry, they’ll know this is a pretty solid structure. The ottoman as a whole is also raised on solid block wood feet. This provides total support no matter how many people pile on to your ottoman.

As the name of this product suggests, the cushioning of the ottoman uses a plush button-tufted cushion. This not only guarantees a good level of quality but also looks pretty sleek and stylish at the same time. The foam cushioning underneath this uses a spring base, which in turn ensures maximum levels of comfort. You can say what you like about this oversized ottoman from Coaster Home Furnishings, but it’s without a doubt one of the comfiest options you’ll find to put in either your living room or bedroom.


  • Features a contemporary design available in either black or brown variants. It doesn’t matter what the interior design of your home looks like, either of these colour options should comfortably fit in with your home.
  • Designed and built with only the best quality materials. The actual structure is built with hardwood 100% kiln-dried solid frame. This means that you can comfortably use your ottoman without it collapsing!
  • Considerably cheaper than most other oversized ottomans that we’ve reviewed in this article or even other products on the market. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you’ll find it in this product.


  • Whilst the majority of the product is constructed with great quality materials, the foam isn’t fire retardant. Considering most furniture products use fire retardant foam as standard now, it would have been nice to see it used here too. With that in mind, you’ll need to be careful using this product around children and pets.

How to clean an oversized ottoman?

When you’ve spent so much time picking the perfect oversized ottoman for your living room or bedroom, it’s important to look after your new piece of furniture. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping the ottoman clean. Cleaning your ottoman is considerably easier than you might think and can be done pretty regularly.

You’ll find that most average ottomans and oversized ottomans allow you to zip off and remove the cover. You can then stick this cover in the washing machine or following the washing instructions on the label. Make sure you don’t shrink the cover, as you won’t get it back on! Once the cover is off, you’ll be able to use a vacuum cleaner to clean all of the dust up from underneath the ottoman and clean up any spills. It’s important to make sure that you let the ottoman dry before putting the cover back on.

When you’ve finished cleaning, if you have a leather ottoman, you might also want to wax the leather. This will make sure that the covering maintains its natural shine and looks impressive when you gave guests round. Generally speaking though, just make sure that you keep your ottoman clean and tidy where you can. They’re often expensive pieces of furniture, so respect it and look after it.

Final Word

Best Oversized Ottomans
Oversized Ottoman User Review Number of Reviews Weight Dimensions
Flash Furniture Jessa Place Oversized Ottoman 4.5 / 5 Stars 6 42 pounds 40 x 40 x 20 inches
3 / 5 Stars 1 38 pounds 36.5 x 36.5 x 21.5 inches
3.5 / 5 Stars 29 43 pounds 43 x 43 x 20 inches

In conclusion, a sturdy and stylish oversized ottoman can really add a lot to a room. If you’ve got an empty space that needs filling or just need a place where you can sit and store, you’ll find that an oversized ottoman provides just that.

When it comes to choosing a good oversized ottoman, you can’t go far wrong with any of the options that we’ve detailed above. However, just make sure you keep our advice in mind with whatever option you choose.

Best Upholstered Rocking Chair Reviews

When it comes to the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than just kicking your feet up in your favourite comfortable chair. When it comes to picking a good chair, we’d argue that an upholstered rocking chair is without a doubt your best option. It provides both style and fantastic levels of comfort. What’s not to love?

Best Upholstered Rocking Chairs
Upholstered Rocking Chair User Review Number of Reviews Weight Dimensions
4 / 5 Stars 25 39 pounds 24 x 36 x 38 inches
4 / 5 Stars 33 58 pounds 31 x 32.5 x 35 inches
4 / 5 Stars 37 73.7 pounds 37.5 x 37.5 x 37.8 inches

With so many different upholstered rocking chair options available out there, we’ve compiled a series of reviews to help you decide on the best chair. We’ve also included a wealth of other handy information to help you get started in picking the best chair.

What is an upholstered rocking chair?

We started this article by describing upholstered rocking chairs as one of the most comfortable and best looking pieces of furniture you can buy. However, you might still be wondering what exactly an upholstered rocking chair.

In essence, an upholstered rocking chair is exactly what it says on the tin. You’ve likely come across a rocking chair in the past; it’s a wooden chair that’s designed to rock. The actual chair can be made of any number of different types of wood. Which type of wood you choose in your rocking chair will largely depend on the amount of money you have to spend and the style of the environment that you’re looking to place the rocking chair in.

Rocking chairs are largely designed for different environments. You’re likely aware of the traditional image for a rocking chair, out on the front porch. However, you’ll also find rocking chairs designed for use in your living room or bedroom. Upholstered rocking chairs largely tend to be more the latter rather than the former. Though, that’s pretty obvious considering they’re upholstered and you wouldn’t want the chair getting wet outside.

An upholstered variant of the rocking chair quite simply means that the chair has been designed with padded cushioning. Most traditional rocking chairs have you sitting on the uncomfortable wooden structure. However, upholstered rocking chairs are designed to be padded with soft cushioning to provide comfort and a quality design in your home.

If you’ve largely avoided buying an upholstered rocking chair because you don’t really know what one is, now might be the time to invest. An upholstered rocking chair is a lot simpler than you might think and essentially exactly what it says on the tin.

Why should you buy an upholstered rocking chair?

Now you’re aware of what exactly an upholstered rocking chair is, you might be wondering why you should buy one. Why should you opt to put an upholstered rocking chair in your living room or bedroom over another different type of chair?

There’s a good few answers to that question. The most prominent of those answers is the fact that upholstered rocking chairs are incredibly stylish. This style comes from the fact that they’re unique. If you visit any friend’s house, you’re guaranteed not to find an upholstered rocking chair. With that in mind, it’s an impressive piece of furniture to have around the house next time you have guests visiting. It’s an incredibly bold furniture choice and one that shows you really care about the style of your home. Plus, we absolutely love the fact that you can quickly just fall back and collapse into an upholstered rocking chair.

If there’s one thing that you’re likely aware about a rocking chair, it’s that they’re incredibly uncomfortable to sit on. However, when you opt with an upholstered variant, you’ll quickly find that it’s an awful lot more comfortable than a non-cushioned option. The upholstery used in the creation of most rocking chairs is incredibly padded. With that in mind, you have a chair here that you can comfortably sit on for hours. At the same time though, the upholstery means that this isn’t a type of rocking chair to sit out on the front porch. An upholstered rocking chair is a fully fledged piece of furniture to sit on.

There’s no denying that an upholstered rocking chair looks and feels fantastic. However, one of the reasons why many people invest in such a chair are the health benefits. A rocking chair is still one of the simplest answers to some health concerns.

Rocking chairs have been found to be of particular use to those suffering from dementia. Research has found that the rocking motion provided by most rocking chairs and upholstered rocking chairs releases certain endorphins in dementia suffers. This elevates their mood and helps to generally soothe them. If you know somebody living with dementia, a good upholstered rocking chair might be the best gift you can buy them. At the same time, your rocking chair will work to generally increase balance and ease back pain.

Speaking of using a rocking chair to release back pain, it is widely believed that US President John F. Kennedy actually used a rocking chair to relieve back pain. You should find that an upholstered option provides even great relief for back pain because of the soft cushioning. This will also in turn provide relief for arthritis and other pains across your body.

What to look for in an upholstered rocking chair?

Before we take a look at some of our favourite products when it comes to upholstered rocking chairs on the market, there’s first a few things that you’ll want to take into consideration. Here’s what to look for in an upholstered rocking chair.

When it comes to making sure that you buy a good upholstered rocking chair, you’ll first want to take into careful consideration the different varieties of rocking chair available. We won’t go into great detail around each of the different types, but you’ll want to keep them in mind when it comes to finding the right upholstered rocking chair for you. The key different varieties of rocking chair available include traditional chairs, platform rockers and gliders. There are a range of other different types available, however, you’ll find that some of them including outdoor rocking chairs won’t come in an upholstered variety.

At the same time, you’ll also want to know what you’re buying in terms of the upholstery of your rocking chair. There’s a range of different materials and styles available; if you have a specific interior design style to stick to, you’ll want to keep that in consideration when it comes to buying your upholstered rocking chair.

Speaking about the rocking chair in general, you’ll find that like with most furniture products, there’s a range of different brands selling this type of product. It might be the case that you already have a favourite brand. If that’s the case, you may wish to stick with this brand. However, we’ve featured some of the best brands in the products below.

Our final point to take into consideration when it comes to buying an upholstered rocking chair is the foot rest. You’ll find that some rocking chair options will actually include a matching foot rest for you to use with the chair. However, other rocking chairs won’t include this. You’ll need to carefully consider whether or not you need this foot rest before deciding if you should invest in a foot rest.

Product 1: Furniture of America Betty Rocking Chair in Antique Oak

We’re now into the part of the article where we present you with some pretty solid choices when it comes to picking your upholstered rocking chair. The first of those choices is from Furniture of America and is their signature rocking chair. At first, this antique oak piece of furniture looks like a pretty standard affair, but there’s actually a lot more to it than just that. We love the chair’s design, build quality and pretty much everything else about it.

When it comes to an upholstered rocking chair, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible build quality out of your furniture. We can definitely say that this chair from Furniture of America provides just that. The chair is made with a solid wood structure with an antique oak finish. It goes without saying that using antique oak to construct this chair would have made it incredibly expensive, so we’re happy with the compromise of an antique oak finish that Furniture of America have opted for.

The upholstered fabric is also top notch too. It’s a dark beige fabric that covers the back, seat and arms of the chair. We’ve noticed that with some rocking chairs on the market, the upholstered fabric doesn’t properly cover the arms. However, it’s nice to see the attention to detail that Furniture of America have paid here. You’re paying for an upholstered chair, so the manufacturer have made sure that the entire chair is upholstered. At the same time though, it would have been nice to see the upholstery a little more cushioned. If you plan on sitting in your rocking chair for a fair amount of time, you might want a little bit more comfort than that provided by this Betty Rocking Chair.


  • Unlike some other upholstered rocking chairs, it’s nice to see that Furniture of America have decided to cover the entirety of their rocking chair with upholstery. We don’t always see the arms of a chair upholstered, which makes a nice difference.
  • Dark beige colouring of the fabric used to upholster the rocking chair won’t look out of place in any home. This is clearly a colour designed to suit any environment, so it doesn’t matter if you place the chair in your living room, bedroom or conservatory.
  • 30 day replacement parts warranty. If you have any issues with this rocking chair within 30 days of purchasing the product, Furniture of America promise to replace any parts that have broken or the chair if need be.


  • The cushioning of the upholstery is a little light, particularly in some areas, including the arms. If you plan on sitting on your upholstered rocking chair for a long period of time, you might not find it all that comfortable.
  • Despite the name of this product being from Furniture of America, you’d be surprised to learn that this piece of furniture is made in China. Because of this, you’re not guaranteed the quality of a product made right here.

Product 2: Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker in Pebble with Dark Legs

If the first product we reviewed in this article is something of a traditional upholstered rocking chair, this option from Nursery Works is incredibly different in terms of what it offers. As you can likely tell from an image of the product, this looks and feels more like a traditional sofa but on rocking legs. Because of that, you can likely imagine that the product is going to provide a great level of comfort than other options available on the market.

One of the things we’ve mentioned with the aforementioned product is the fact that the chair was a little lacking in terms of upholstery in some areas. However, there’s definitely no risk of that being a problem with this chair from Nursery Works. As we’ve already mentioned, it looks and feels like a normal piece of furniture. This is largely helped by the range of different materials used in the construction of this chair, comprised of 75% polyester, 10% linen and 15% viscose. Each of these materials coupled together make for a pretty impressive and fantastic quality product.

The rocking chair also looks great too. We’ve reviewed the Pebble colour variant of the product, but you’ll also find options in a range of different colours, including Charcoal, Hazelnut and Oatmeal. Whichever option you choose to go with, you’re definitely guaranteed to be getting a piece of furniture that will look great throughout your house.

We also shouldn’t forget the legs either. Obviously this is a rocking chair, so you can imagine that the legs of this chair are designed to rock. But that doesn’t mean Nursery Works have designed this chair with clunky legs – they still look absolutely elegant in ash hardwood. In all, elegant is a name that pretty much sums up this Sleepy Time Rocker chair.


  • Designed with comfort in mind. Whilst some upholstered rocking chairs look fantastic, they’re often lacking in comfort. Because this chair follows a standard furniture design, you can expect great comfort levels.
  • Nice range of colours available. It doesn’t matter what style you’re looking to suit in your home or what room you plan on putting the rocking chair in, you’ll find a colour option amongst this range that will suit what you’re looking for.
  • Includes a lumbar pillow to provide a good level of support to your back. When it comes to rocking chairs, the back is often overlooked. However, you’ll find plenty of support for your back and surrounding area with the included lumbar pillow.



  • The picture of this product can be a little misleading in terms of the colour of the legs of the actual product that you receive. In the picture of the product, the legs of the chair appear to be a rick dark colour, however, they’re actually much lighter in the physical. However, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
  • Whilst we have already mentioned that this chair is available in a nice range of colours and these colours are nice. However, they’re all very much the same. There’s no great variation in colours, which is something you might want to be aware of.

Product 3: Dorel Asia Swivel Glider in Dark Taupe

Just one look at this Dorel Asia Swivel Glider and you can quite easily tell that this is a rocking chair designed with comfort in mind. It goes without saying that the chair is not blessed in terms of design. But if you’re not looking for a standout design but just a good level of comfort in your rocking chair, this might be the option for you.

We’ve already mentioned that Baby Relax have put a huge emphasis on comfort with this rocking swivel chair and you can definitely tell that by just looking at it. The large areas of soft padding that comprise this chair are sure to provide an incredibly comfortable place to relax at the end of an incredibly long day. Although, as aforementioned, that level of comfort also brings with it a certain amount of compromise when it comes to design. From the Dark Taupe colouring choice of this rocking chair to the pretty square design, this isn’t a very attracting chair design. With that in mind, it might be a piece of furniture best kept to be hidden away in your private area to relax and not an area where you entertain guests.

The design may be pretty bland, but it’s still nice to see that Baby Relax haven’t compromised in terms of build quality. The chair uses 100% polyester fabric in the aforementioned Dark Taupe colouring. Whilst this may not look incredibly stylish, it is easy to wipe off and clean. With that in mind, you might imagine that this is a chair perfectly designed to sit in the nursery, where your kids can spill whatever on it.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Dorel Asia Swivel Glider advertises a maximum weight capacity of 225 lbs; which is something to keep in mind when buying.


  • Without a doubt one of the most comfortable options available when it comes to rocking chairs.  The incredibly soft padding is a lot more comfortable than most of the options we’ve come across, with levels of comfort just like a normal armchair.
  • Doesn’t only rock but also swivels. There’s not a lot of use for swivelling functionality on a day to day basis but it can still be handy from time to time and looks good too. All assembling to the fact that this is a perfect chair to stick in the nursery.
  • Unlike other rocking chairs that we’ve reviewed, this one actually comes largely assembled. If you’re not able to do any of the hard work for yourself, it might be a good choice to opt for something already assembled like this chair.



  • Incredibly bland design. This is something that we’ve discussed at length throughout this review, but the design of this chair is pretty dull and uninspiring. If you’re not looking for design, this might be a good option, but otherwise, it’s a pretty unimpressive option that you might wish to avoid.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 225 lbs, meaning you’ll need to make sure that nobody over this weight sits on the chair and breaks it. It also means that your kids will need to be careful when climbing on this piece of furniture.

How to clean an upholstered rocking chair?

Now that we’ve discussed some of the best options available, you’ve hopefully found your idea upholstered rocking chair. However, the work isn’t done yet. Like any upholstered furniture, your rocking chair is pretty susceptible to getting dirty. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at your best options when it comes to cleaning an upholstered rocking chair.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to treat the upholstery on your rocking chair like the material on other piece of furniture. If you’re looking to just give the chair a general clean, your best option is to use an upholstery cleaner or alternative. The likes of a steam cleaner or even a carpet cleaner will do a similar job. It all comes down to how delicate your upholstery is, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when cleaning your furniture.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to remove a small stain from the rocking chair, you’ll want to instead use a stain removal product. We’ve found that rubbing alcohol works as your best option when it comes to this.

Final Word

Best Upholstered Rocking Chairs
Upholstered Rocking Chair User Review Number of Reviews Weight Dimensions
4 / 5 Stars 25 39 pounds 24 x 36 x 38 inches
4 / 5 Stars 33 58 pounds 31 x 32.5 x 35 inches
4 / 5 Stars 37 73.7 pounds 37.5 x 37.5 x 37.8 inches

In conclusion, an upholstered rocking chair can be a formidable option when it comes to interesting new furniture for your home. They’re also incredibly comfortable to just sit back and relax in at the end of a long day. You won’t go far wrong by choosing any of the three options featured in this article, just remember to consider what you need to get out of your upholstered rocking chair before buying.

Living Room Paint Ideas

Living Room Paint Ideas


So, you want to repaint your living room? Congratulations! That is always an exciting project…and certainly does not need to be a painful act of self-torture. Read on to see some great living room paint ideas for getting the living painted and looking in a manner that will have you as proud as a peacock!


  • Selecting a color palette

which style do you hope to express- rustic and warm? Or maybe traditional? Modern contemporary more your thing? Many experts first point out that the height of the wall, sources of light, the size of the room and elements of architecture are key considerations to take into account when you choose designs and colors for painting a room.


  • The paint finish


This is also an important factor when painting a family room or living room, obviously. If this room of yours is a formal space, you might want to go with a matte that is elegant, or maybe an eggshell finish. That being said, if the living room space happens to be more informal, a semi-gloss or satin finish might turn out to be the best option in the end. Maybe you would also like to take a look at textured finishes, as well. For older homes, which often have wall imperfections which are quite visible, an egg shell or low sheen satin finish may be a better option, but must also have durability.


If you have young children (or grandchildren), be they your own or those that you babysit, you may want to avoid high energetic colors, such as red / wine. This is a common strategy employed by elementary schools, and you would be smart to use it as well. If young children aren’t a factor in deciding which paint color to select for your family living room, then you can get more creative.

Believe it or not, the element that allow you the chance to present a new dimension or color into a room is its ceiling. Darker tones for a ceiling which is tall is always a winning choice, or a color which is lighter for dark walls. An element which varies between rooms is the light source, and also throughout the day (as the amount of light also changes)and thus you should test color samples throughout the day to make sure its the color you want your living room to be.

Don’t forget that with architectural elements which are quite unique, to highlight them with rich dark colors. This strategy is effective in highlighting the beauty in houses and rooms which are architecturally strong.


  • Finish Touch


One last tiny yet important detail, advised by many a pro decorator: always have your color scheme complete to the tiniest detail, and that also means spray paint. This is a great and simple way to alternate the color of light switch tabs, outlet covers, fixtures for lights, vases, chairs, picture frames, etc. In other words, anything you want to keep in place, rather than room, while you paint your living room space. This will allow you to update all items and their color in the living room so that they complement well with the new color you have selected to paint your room, without pulling out all your hair in frustration. Now you have plenty of living room paint ideas.


Bon chance!

How to Paint a House

How to Paint a House

So, you want to know how to paint a house, but aren’t sure how to go about it and are looking for tips on how to go about it? You have come to the right place! Keep reading to learn How to Paint a House.

If you want to give the exterior of your home a nice paint job, that certainly does not mean that you need to contract a professional company. In truth, with a few simple tools and the right process, this can be quite an easy do-it-yourself job, and you can get it down right the first time, creating a beautiful home whose color will last for many years.

And just what are those steps, you ask? Let’s have a look:

Getting ready to paint


First and foremost, right from the get-go, remove all possible items which might get in the way: mailboxes, planters, house numbers, light fixtures, outdoor furniture, shutters, etc. After that, make sure that you cover any items or bushes that cannot be taken out of the way- use special drop clothes for this. What’s more, you can also use drop clothes under the places where you will paint, to minimize paint splatter.


Second, make sure that you clean, fix and prime every single surface before beginning the project of painting the entire exterior of your house.


After the primer coat that you applied has dried and you have completed all preparations, then you are ready to really get down to business and do some serious painting.


Don’t forget to mix the paint in a thorough fashion beginning the job, and be sure to keep on stirring throughout the job.


For painting the house exterior, you may choose to use a roller, brush or, as most do, both. Using a roller can save you lots of time, yet there will be instances where you will need a brush to paint doors, corners and trim.


With a paintbrush


When you load up the paintbrush, make sure that you immerse the first third of it into the can and simply tap it softly against the inside edge of the can. DO NOT drag the brush across the mouth of the can.


As you apply paint, be sure to use smooth and long strokes. When painting clapboards, be careful not to let paint accumulate horizontally along the edge. Make sure that you use oil-based house paints forward and backward to ensure an even, well-spread coat.


However, paints with a latex base need less brushing. This is because they quickly dry and thus brushing too much may leave deep marks in the film. Be sure to use a generous amount of paint with only a couple of strokes when painting with latex paints.


With a roller


Using a roller to paint is a good idea when working with a surface that is very porous, like stucco or masonry. Although they are not ideal for painting corners, they are great for flat surfaces.


When using a paint roller, always dip the roller into the tray of paint and roll it forward and backward, making sure that it does not drip. Be sure to always use even, long strokes, changing the direction in which you paint as you go.


Finishing with the trim


Last but not least, you should finish with the trim. Start by doing the door paneling and window sash, and then move move on to the door trim, window sills, frames. If any paint gets onto the putty line of the window, this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it will actually protect the surface against water. If you want to make a clean edge, just scrape any extra paint with a blade from a razor. If possible, remove any shutters and paint them individually, replacing them after the rest of the project is completed.


And finally, sit back and enjoy the masterpiece that you have created! Now you know How to Paint a House.

Drought Tolerant Grass

Drought Tolerant Grass


For every loco who is absolutely determined to grow a green yard, with dreams of  laying down on a nice lush carpet of grass, on which your children and pets can play around on, it is still important to remember that you can’t just plant bluegrass, which is a very thirsty kind of grass and is what most U.S.  lawns are made of. You just can’t do it, unless you get plenty of rainfall where you live; sweet and simple. Keep reading to pick from the best Drought Tolerant Grass.



  • Believe it or not, more than 50,000 square miles of the U.S. is covered by grass(!). What’s more, all that  grass is responsible for 33% of all  water usage in the country.



Yet a beautiful lush green lawn doesn’t have to be impossible just because you don’t get enough rainfall where you live- there are plenty of options for choosing a drought-tolerant grass.


This of course, depends on where you reside. Some cities and towns, for instance, require a special kind of turf grass which has the capability to lay dormant during he summer months, because they can get by with little or no water for long periods of time


Here are a list of particularly appealing options:


Zoysia grass

Here you have a grass type that is very flexible, and is a big fan of the shade, as well as sunshine. Zoysia is rather slow to grow, yet has no problem when you need a grass that can withstand lots of traffic. Best of all, the carpet that it produces is always lush.  The kinds which are mos resistant to drought?  El Toro, Palisades, Empire and Jamur.


Bermuda grass

This grass just loves to get plenty of sun  really pleases when u water it well. It can tolerate traffic pretty well,yet you do need to mow it a lot. Most varieties of this grass are resistant to drought.  Having said that, this grass does grow bedder in southern zones where it is more sub-tropical.


St. Augustine grass

the best kind of this grass, because it is quite drought-tolerant, is Floratam. However it does prefer plenty of shade, so you would do best to have several trees in the yard to shade this grass.


Buffalo grass

A native of the Midwest, this prairie  grass requires a lot of sun but yet isn’t so resistant to traffic. However, it does tolerate the cold well. It doesn’t need a lot of rain and it is also grows slowly. Almost every type is drought-tolerant.


Bahia grass

This kind of grass is not a bad choice at all, when it comes to soil that is infertile. Ir will grow course yet give you a thick covering. However, it doesn’t like traffic very much.


Fescues you find this kind of grass usually more in climes to the north. Very effective at absorbing water immediately after a drought.


So there you have it- a nice long list of drought-resistant grass which will have your lawn looking lush and green in no time at all. What are you waiting for? Get seeding now! Pick the right kind of Drought Tolerant Grass to have a beautiful lawn year round.

Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Paint Colors for Bedrooms


When looking at painting your bedroom, the first thing you need to do is choose a paint color. And the first thing required to choose a paint colors for bedroom is to first think about temperature. Keep reading to pick the best Paint Colors for Bedrooms. 


Of course, warm colors appear more active and stimulating, catching the eye, cooler colors, such as those from blue green to blue violet, including most grays, are more likely to be seen as receding, and thus better produce a relaxing and calming effect.


Having said that, there is quite a bit of variation along the spectrum of cool colors: a pale blue along with a bright green can combine to create extremely different spaces and vibes. Of course, if cooler colors aren’t your thing, you can also go with lighter, warmer hues, which are much more subtle; examples would be pinks or soft yellows. These can also give off a soothing feeling.


If you want to get romantic or sexy, some home decorators and interior designers swear by dark colors, such as navy, deep violet, olive or charcoal. If you are looking for something more tranquil or calm, celery tones or blue-gray is a nice option. Another possibility could be having a coat of white paint all along the walls with white linens and white furniture to match. Many experts recommend staying away from colors which are known for their high energy, such as deep reds, tropical hues or bright greens.


Some folks who know their paint colors swear by soft color combos, which give off a happy and serene energy. Some options might be champagne or egg blue, with a nice mix of a fresh color to make an appealing pattern. These experts would say that they enjoy keeping a bedroom and its colors timeless, classic and simplistic….and also neutral. By achieving this, you keep away from flash trends and can also get creative with other things in the bedroom space. For example: throw pillows, bedding, lamps and/ or side tables.  You might also want to have a bit of fun and add a little pop color here and there to add both layers and interest.


No matter which paint colors for bedrooms you choose, it is vital that you match it well with your linens and furniture. This gives you three options: choosing a paint color for your bedroom that does match well with your existing bedroom furniture; painting your bedroom furniture to match the paint color you want to paint your bedroom; or buy new bedroom furniture to match the paint color you choose.

Now, all three choices could be expensive, but it all depends on which color you most want to paint your bedroom. Just remember that you DO want the color(s) to be soft and soothing, because the whole purpose of the bedroom, is to REST! If you choose energetic colors, you just might find yourself tossing and turning all night.


Whichever color you do choose, make sure that it is a color you enjoy and are willing to have be the last color you see each evening and first that you see when you wake up in the morning. Once you have chosen that color, it’s time to get cracking and paint that bedroom. Now you have the tool’s to pick Paint Colors for Bedrooms.